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  • Re: Renoir's Blog

    Like running barefoot through a meadow not caring about all the cowpies. Very liberating when we follow our impulses and so, so fulfilling when we get results like this. Congratulations. It's a wonderful painting and something you can look at to raise your spirits when you're feeling down.
  • Re: Horse

    Interesting choice of "pose" for an equine portrait (including a long perspective of part of the body)  that took guts and you've painted it very well. everything looks great but I wonder if the line of the lip is finished and the mouth area in general doesn't look as "polished" as the rest of the painting. It is a great representation though, good work.
  • Re: My other art

    you're multifaceted like a diamond trying to shine on every dimension. You can't put light everywhere at once but you brighten a lot of spots as you go. When I was working in a cabinet shop we had some molding machines that were dedicated to a single cutting head and a couple to one setup. Luckily we had the space for it. We had a 1947 12" table-saw that was like the Titanic I've never seen anything to compare with it. 
  • Re: New painting challenge?

    Glad of that @edavison, but I really hate trying to keep track of how much time I actually spend painting. Besides I doze off a lot (good thing we have SDM). I like the idea of a modern artifact though.
  • Re: Introduction

    Welcome I too am of that age and predicment but as you, I won't let the fact that I haven't retired yet stop me from developing a retirement activity. OGR! (old guys rule)