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  • BOB73
     I'm answering here because in America right now it's not wise to admit to being a gun enthusiast. the where was Viet Nam, live targets are fun until it's your turn to be the target. The other soldier was a fellow squad member and buddy. I was glad he was smaller than me when it came time to investigate holes in the ground that could be tunnel entrances. The Thompson outweighed our M-16s by about 7 pounds and ours fired 3 times as fast. Three 5.56s outweigh one .45 and travel at twice the speed and distance.
    October 30
    • jeff
      Wow. Some great history on the tommy gun. I had no idea. Vietnam too. I tell u I’m glad I was born in 1965 bob. That would of done my crazy mind no favors.
      Thanks again for these history lessons.
  • BOB73
    BTW The biggest consumer of the first Thompsons wasn't the mafia or the military; it was ranchers, mostly in the American south west where cattle rustling was still a big business practiced heavily in the 1920s and into the 30s especially along the Mexican borders. You could buy one at your local hardware store without stock and grips for less than $40. Get the fully accessorized version with a 50 round drum magazine for under $100 and a box of 20 rds .45 ACP for less than $1. During the early days of prohibition the mobs increased their firepower with Browning Automatic Rifles BARs .30-06 but it weighed 23 lbs and wouldn't fit in a violin case so they fell out of favor once the tommy guns started being produced in greater numbers... Great enough to easily steal one.
    October 30