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  • Dianna
    Hi Denis - What on earth are DMPrs?  Oh, I just worked it out!!   Sorry.  Well, I'm glad you enjoy trying to help solve problems because I'm quite sure I'm going to have a lot.  I haven't picked up a paint brush yet.  I have studied every video Mark has put online.  I'm currently learning Photoshop because I am going to need it for both my art and another project I have. I have just had an easel made plus a photo holder, ordered some paint, and on it goes.  I'm terrified that I'm going to be stuck here all alone and I'm going to pick up my brush ready to paint and I'll be paralysed!...   We will just have to wait and see.  Anyway, all the best....  Dianna
    June 5
  • Dianna

    I tend to do lots of model drawing with charcoal and pastel. Nudes are not appreciated on DMP.
    Most of my paintings are studies of stuff found on the net, it is a copyright violation to post these on a website.
    I'm just a casual painter at best and I have a pretty good set of critical art skills, so I don't need the feedback DMP provides. But I enjoy trying to help solve problems DMPrs may encounter.


    May 30
  • Dianna
    HI Denis --- thanks for your message.  I don't think there is a surgical solution to my shoulder problem. i have a friend who is a builder and I will ask him to put up some kind of pulley system (which will have to be in my living room!) where I will be painting. It probably won't be that conspicuous, I hope. Mark Carder said he wore a sling, so I guess it just means that the pulley will take the weight problem off the shoulder, leaving the arm able to move around the canvas a little bit.  We'll see.  Thanks for offering to keep an eye out for a pulley system, but I'm in Australia!!!  Anyway, thanks and talk to you again.  Incidentally I'd like to see your art.  How do I do that?
    May 29