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tassieguy -

Hi, @JohnDevine. Thanks.  I've not use glazing in this painting. Until very recently we couldn't get Geneva paints here so I use Langridge oils. I just use a little linseed oil as medium. 


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  • Hi, @JohnDevine. Thanks.
     I've not use glazing in this painting. Until very recently we couldn't get Geneva paints here so I use Langridge oils. I just use a little linseed oil as medium.  :)
    October 23
  • JohnDevine
    @tassieguy, really excellent work. I am curious, do you glaze with Geneva paint? What medium do you use? 
    October 23
  • Dianna
    Re your last sentence, 'the more slap dash painterly look is what you're after'.  To be honest, I love the loosely painted stuff, but my natural inclination is also for precise detail. I am always torn between the two. The painting I am currently doing, Lucia, is for a friend - and when I have finished this one, I have to do another Lucia for another friend ----   And for this reason I feel I can't experiment too much because it needs to look good if you get my meaning. When I paint loosely I am really just painting an underlay so that I can go in later and paint in the details. I think what is happening is that I'm trying to paint in the layer style with wet-in-wet and that doesn't really work. It's funny, I've been doing this kind of thing all my life. I started with water colors and when I started using acrylics tried to use them the  same way I would water colors. And the same with oils. The trouble is, I have actually done very little painting in my life because I get frustrated and give up. But now I have found the DMP method I am so thrilled to have some principles to guide me all the way through a painting that I know my painting is going to improve out of sight.  PS: I'm not quite sure about the "wall" either. I found your message by accident.  Also, I am hungry for information and I have never had access to the kinds of people I am now finding on the DMP forum who all help each other. Wonderful!
    September 25
  • Dianna
    Thank you for the instructions on how to get rid of the paint. It will be very helpful in the future. .....OK, so I cannot expect to get the same precision painting wet-on-wet that I would get with layers - (I didn't even know that painting over dry paint is referred to as layering - I promise you, I am very challenged technically but I am determined to put that right) So I can stop worrying about not getting the same precision with wet-on-wet and accept that the results will be less precise but livelier. I don't know what bravura brushwork is. And I promise you, I am NOT technically skilled using layers or anything else!!!!  Also, I have no conscious awareness of whether the paint I am using is opaque or not, I just simply use the limited pallette and that's it. It's quite a journey, this painting!!... isn't it!
    September 25
  • Hi, Dianna. I don't understand how this "wall" thing works so I hope you see this.

    If you're painting wet in wet it's easy. While it's still wet, and if the paint is thick, just scrape it off with a pallet knife, wipe with a paper towel to remove any that's left, and paint over. If it's just thin paint a paper towel or rag is all you need but if it's already drying just paint over with the correct value/colour. With wet in wet we  generally use opaque colour so you don't see what's under it. You won't get the precision you can achieve with layers and glazing but you do get a more lively, paintetly look with bravura brushwork.

    You seem to be already very technically skilked using layers so I'm guessing the more slap dash painterly look is what you're aftet.  :)
    September 25
  • Dianna
    Hi Rob --- I know this sounds silly, but I didn't really know you could just wipe the paint off if it's not right.  It has never really occurred to me.  So that's a revolution all by itself!  Thank you
    September 25