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  • Dianna

    Sounds good.

    August 28
  • Dianna
    Hi Denis - just saw also the comment about a glass palette. I ended up ordering two palettes of low-iron glass and tomorrow I will paint a piece of canvas to go underneath with Mark's stain, attach it to the glass palette, and I will be ready to go..... 
    August 28
  • Dianna
    Hi Denis- thanks for your message.  I decided to take a photo of the photo, and I also had it scanned at the local print shop. I was shocked at how much better the scanned image was than the photo of the photo!  So I don't need to go there again!  Then I did some basic fixing-up in Photoshop.  I'm new at Photoshop but somehow managed to get the image looking pretty good.  I was very pleased!  However, I'm about to have it printed into a 60 x 90cm size (made up of 4 x 6 prints of course)  so I might be in for a shock.  We shall see.  Thanks anyway.
    August 28
  • Dianna
    Hi Denis --- I put an old palette which has been stained with Mark's color underneath the new glass palette and the green tint really affected the colour.  So I will go to another glazier tomorrow and ask to see a piece of low-iron glass.  If it doesn't make that much difference I will just stick with the greenish glass for the time being. Otherwise I will order the low-iron glass.  Thank you   Kind regards  Dianna   PS:  Yes, it doesn't sound like painting anything over the top of the glass would be a good idea.
    August 22