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    Hi BOB73,
    I didn't know what splinter meant so I looked it up, lol instead of asking you, duh.
    with the other comments I thought it meant I could only paint using a grid. I actually prefer to free hand the scale, ratio etc. Haven't tried anything with this much detail yet. 
    Thank you for letting me know what you meant, I appreciate it very much.
    November 2
    I wouldn't call myself a splinter painter, I have drawing ability, but havent actually painted something complex yet, on big canvas, I have two large ones prepped, one stained dark blue, the other a neutral brown with oil 
    Now Im searching for something I love to paint on em, lots of ideas, Im sure something will come up, They are big enough I could paint a simulation of a Triptych I wonder if thats ever been done before ?

    Thanks again for recommending MikeDerby, 
    My Best to You and Yours

    November 1
  • Dianna
    Hi Bob - I presume your name is Bob --- Believe it or not, I do spend a LOT of time getting the value and then the color right. But even so I still get it wrong. So judging from the comments I should start with the darkest color first - of course - and then build up to the lightest. I know not to put the highlights in too early because they might muddy up the darks. Although it's hard to resist, of course, because that's the best bit in my opinion. Thanks.
    September 25
    • BOB73
      I'm still struggling too. It's why I comment so much, everyone struggles and needs support. Mostly I make positive comments because most have them far exceed me with their abilities and only need cheering up when they tackle something outside their comfort zone.
    • Dianna
      Thanks for telling me that. sometimes you think other people have got it all together, and it's just you!.... incidentally, what does it mean when it says a message on your wall? .... Dianna
    • BOB73
      Where we are commenting now is my "wall" on my profile page. this is semi private and not attached to any category of comments or somebody's thread.
    • Dianna
      Ah, but I didn't know how to get back here. I tried to do what Summer suggested but couldn't find the "PM" again.

      To get to someone's wall I should click on their icon (I forget what it's called). That takes me to their Profile Page? Then I should see "PM" somewhere? Is this right? When I last tried it I couldn't find a PM anywhere.

      I hope you don't mind my asking, but I think you mentioned in one of your posts that you failed a CAT scan for lung cancer? I hope you don't mean you have lung cancer? And even more so, I hope you don't mind my asking? I wouldn't normally ask but you mentioned it in an ordinary thread.
  • Summer
    Thanks for the information.  I'm able to use this forum more effectively now.  Love the PM and how to get more information by clicking on Reactions.  :)
    October 11
  • Summer
    Hi @Bob73.  You wrote something about emoticons/emojii that I didn't understand and still don't.  If you have a moment would you verify that I understood you properly.  Are you saying that when I click on an emoji that although it doesn't always show up in the thread I'm in but it does show up in their "Reactions" count on their profile page?  If it is true, I think it is amazing how you figured that out.  Hmm.  Thanks.

    October 10