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  • BOB73
    If my response appears tice it's because I sent a message and I pasted here.
    October 10
  • BOB73
    Honestly don't know if I'm doing this right. If I am it should be on your "wall" or profile page. In answer to your question, emojis at the bottom of a persons comment allow you to choose one (only one unfortunately) as a matter of response. When you click on it LOL for example, a little square will appear with the number one in it. You won't see your avatar and the emoji in that comment right away but that person who commented can see it and you should be able to see it if you leave that thread and come back to it later. The other part of the question was about seeing the avatar and emoji on your wall. At the top of your wall the reactions are shown how many hearts, smileys etc. If you clik on the number (count) then all the awesome hearts will be listed (usually) the most recent first. You will see their avatars so you will know who they are Unless they had their comments deleted like Wilson and a few others. Also there will be a shortcut back to that thread incase you need some Context for the comment. Hope this helps. BTW this isn't privat anyone who clicks on your avatar will see it on you wall/profile page.
    October 10