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  • MichaelD
    Hi Rich,
    I wanted to drop you a line about a book you have often praised and recommended on the forum.  Drawing on the right side of the brain.
    Its a book that I have been aware of over the years, and I think I may have even perused an old second hand copy in a bookshop, but I was never drawn (pardon the pun) to it enough.

    Anyways I bought the definitive 4th edition expanded and updated, about a month ago and I am finding it very interesting. Ive only done the first basic -vase/2 faces exercise so far, but I'm going to do the upside down drawing next.
    Its making a lot of sense to me and although I consider myself fairly adequate at drawing I think I will benefit from it. I guess your mentioning of the book prompted me to try it, so thanks.
    Happy painting
    February 16
    • Rich_A
      Sweet. It's a great book to really discover yourself. Make sure you do the exercises as they are planned out and you will discover your style. I've drawn and painted my entire life and always thought I was sub par. I got so burned out I was about to give up until I heard an interview of a artist I admire talk about this book and it striked my interest to pick it up. I took me a month or 2? ( I can't remember) of forcing myself to do all the exercises. The first part I was to draw my self portrait and file it away. I never looked at it until it instructed me to draw my self portrait again after I finished the exercises and compare them. That's when the light went off in my head and I was blown away. I think the one exercise that sticks out most in my mind was the one where you draw the creases of you palm in a contour drawing without lifting your pencil for a certain amount of time and you had to time yourself because your left side of the brain would force you to stop. It's an awesome book and I'm really excited for you. Let me know how your coming along or if you need any guidance.