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  • dencal

    Sure it is OK to use this profile page as a blog. Trouble is no one will look here with any regularity.
    An accidental touch on my iPad landed me here. Most folks have difficulty reading through all the content on the main page.


    October 22
    • Kschaben
      Yes I have spent a lot of time trying to catch up on all the post. Thanks though just was not even sure of the purpose of the area. @dencal
  • I am kind of using my profile page like a blog, hope that is OK.  THis area that says activity seems not to have a purpose, so I gave it one.
    October 15
  • I have been using burnt sienna instead of burnt umber. Could not figure out why mine looked so orange compaired to Marks. What a difference that made when i mixed the paint for my glass palette. That was a real DUH moment. Anyway glad I figured that out. Now all is right with my little art world.  :3
    October 15
  • In the Q@A of this video Mark talks about using a mirror for a self portrait.

    October 14
  • I really feel like I should apologize and start over but I am going to push through and learn from this experience I hope.  
    October 13

  • October 13, 2017
    Ok made my first rookie mistake. I pushed ahead without first staining my canvas. second mistake I thought I could fix it. So i painted the background and thought I maybe stain over the body anyway. I guess I'll see if I can pull myself out of this mess. 
    October 13
  • points video:     https://youtu.be/0Prj9mHQPlU
     golden lines and points on face.

    October 12
  • I am guessing this is my blog. It is October 11, 2017
    Just turned 65, married, disabled and live in Nebraska. Occupation retired Pet Groomer.
    I have been on the site for about a year already. Amazing how much time has passed. Spent the year watching all the videos on here and more of them on You tube from other sources. I decided to try Marks method  as everyone on here is so talented and so encouraging to everyone. I have spent a lot of time looking at all the works put up by others, listen to the advice and critiques from everyone.  This time , I am hoping has trained my eye a little and will save me from some of the pit falls and shorten my learning curve. I learn by doing so now comes the doing.
    Before i knew about Mark I ended up buying water soluble oils in a variety of colors, brushes a french easel (so I could paint outside) and got started. Mind you I am a stick figure artist but I was going to do this. Then I found Mark, realized I bought to many paints and the wrong brushes or not enough of the right ones. I needed a color checker, proper lighting. black curtains on my big beautiful window, and a shadow box. Well I have all the above now except the shadowbox .
    Instead of painting a piece of fruit I am going to do a self portrait. I thought I could make It my first and my tenth so I could see my progress. I have high hopes for this first one as I hear Mark say anyone can do this, and then the realist in me say don't expect much your just starting. The goal is to get started and get better with each picture and enjoy the process. 
    I am so glad I have found a soft place to land, and yet not so soft that I wont get needed guidance. I will put up my test pictures as part of my history and hopefully to prove in a year that this system can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse or at least i will be able to paint both.
    October 12