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#3 Challenge...No Blending Piece of Work...May 1-June 1



  • Tjs....unfortunately NO! 8-|
    The critics indicates Faccincani a master of color and his works have a world market...
    What I like is the master stroke .... obviously the colors are fabulous but the geometric brush stroke is amazing another way for no blending painting!

    lookit that and it only took you one try!!!

  • There are a lot of artists out there that do not blend. Mark has been 100% correct about the blending. I knew this but for some bizzare reason I didn't follow that part of his advice even though most of the painters I admire do not blend @-)

    Maybe we should start a thread of "no blender" painters? Maria's example is an excellent one :)
  • @Ronna @Tjs: guys are the greatest..thats so very sweet of you..
  • Savannah: First let me say " I have no idea what I`m doing" (well a little idea) Are we allowed to get a pre post critique just to see if I`m going in the right direction. Still have more to do, not sure what ( face, feet and hands) One blended One Not. One together. I mixed eight steps. 24"x28" .Thank You.
  • This thread got me motivated to start painting again after a year off. Went down in the garage at 11:00 am and looked at my watch after a little bit and 6 hours had gone by. I felt a little like the Peter Sellers character in Dr. Strangelove where he had to keep slapping his other hand. I haven't blended but I did smoosh a little. Will post a pic when I get more done. This really is a challenge!
  • Billj are you working from a photo or a series of photos? I think what you did here is pretty great :-c
  • tjs; No photo, this came out of my head. I see it finished in my mind and I use Marks teachings as if I had a photo, I mix my paints the same way as if I had a photo, for this painting I laid out 8 steps. It`s hard to hold the color checker to see in my head, I'm always looking for photographs to paint, I had folders full of different photos on many subjects. I got this idea 45 years ago and painted it, gave it to my cousin, he sold it to a news paper reporter. go figure. ;) Thanks for the kind words I will work on a little more then submit it. just wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction.
  • billj this paint will come out great!
    I love both, big creativity and you really show us how can we work different using the same method...THIS IS GREAT METHOD!
  • I wonder where is Savannah :-/ .... maybe outside Shirley's home .... I can see her ringing the bell with... :-t no, no with roses bouquet :^o for thank her for this great idea!
  • Billj I was just wondering if you were using painting from life here? :D Seriously though I know coming up with something from your imagination is extremely hard. James Guerny has a book out and explains his process. It might help? :) But I think you did an awesome job!

    Imaginative Realism
  • Welcome to the world of illustration.
  • For this challenge the word of the day "COALESCE " :)>-
  • Joking aside, I would like to know how are you @Savannah ... not "see you" worries me
  • Maria, your painting is wonderful =D>
  • Bill, this is very interesting what you're doing. One blended and one not. This is a lot of work. I'm very interested in seeing how these two paintings turn out when you finish.
  • Ronna; So am I. Thanks :)>-
  • Sue, that is a fabulous painting =D>
  • Hi the brush strokes and colors of this painting...
  • Savannah

    Great no blending work. A lovely soft treatment of edges and values.
    Teapot appears to float above the table.

    If the pot is hallmarked silver it will be worth while getting the leg repaired.

  • Awesome Savannah. Love this painting, especially the teapot. Your brushstrokes and colors infused a cold metal object with life and personality. I want to reach out and touch it. Thanks for managing this challenge thread. I really had fun watching and participating :) .
  • Savannah; Excellent, Why blend, looks great as is.
  • edited May 2013
    This is lovely Savannah.... I agree with Denis about the appearance of the teapot floating... but knowing you that might have been you intention! ;;)
    As I told you in another thread.. what struck me immediately was the fact that your distinct style (which I love) comes through brilliantly even without blending... you still manage to maintain the softness of you work... amazing! :-bd
  • my first thoughts were same as BILLJ. FANTASTIC.
  • edited May 2013
    Dencal & Shirley...thanks for bring the "floating" to my attention....I didn't notice it...I rechecked my photo that I painted from and it my values are really off underneath the since the paint is still very wet...I can correct...appreciate your help! And Shirley...for once, this is a legitimate mistake on my part...I tried to paint a "normal" painting and didn't work...ha!

    Will post another picture after I correct it.....

    Cin D....your sweet...the silver was pretty easy to paint (my first time at it) fact...the no blend worked perfectly for this...

    BillJ...thanks so much...when I first started painting...I was taught to hard habits are hard to break...

    Greendl...your fantastic for saying so........
  • Dencal & Shirley kindly told me "my teapot" was floating... :(( and it this 2nd photo is what I did to remedy the problem, I tried to fix it......hopefully it is better...appreciate any feed back on revisions...thanks!
  • Here is the worked over painting...also the colors of this photo I took outside and are very close to the original colors.......
  • Savannah

    This is much more grounded now.

    The fourth leg (out of sight) of the pot appears to be dangling in mid air with this new edge placement?

    A horizontal and vertical axis line through the pot and through the plate will show a little divergence.

    Minor issues, really of no importance in such a beautiful painting.

  • The colors and lights of this painting are beautiful. Another great piece Brava Savannah! :-bd
  • Savannah it's just gorgeous! It really does look like a Savannah painting. The colors are just beautiful and I love your comp. I agree with Maria - Brava! ^:)^ ^:)^
  • Oh my gosh! I love it! You've captured a mood. Pioneer Square...Portland? Feels like favorite city (right after Paris).
  • TJ, you rule the school! Awesome.
  • @Savannah .... It looks terrific!! I love it!! The colors look even more awesome if that is possible!
    @tjs ... oh this is excellent!!! I would imagine this is closer to the "looser" style of painting that you have found to be so elusive in the past? You can stop searching now... I think you found it!!!! ;)
  • @tjs I can't string enough superlatives in a row at this painting. Whatever you did in the creation of this piece, do it some more. This is 5 kinds of awesome.
  • edited May 2013
    Tj, this is my favorite. Fantastic! =D> =D> ^:)^
  • This is by far my most very favorite of yours....whatever you've found...keep doing it...because this is over the it!
  • Tj ^:)^ I adore your painting
  • Beautifully painted tj. The no blending is perfect for this scene. I'm trying to decide which part is my favorite. I love the lettering. I also love all the items in the window. A painting I could stare at just wondering what all was in that neat shop. =D>
  • tjstjs -
    edited May 2013
    Thank you Harrell, Martin, Shirley, Opnwyder (Our resident dentist,) Robert, Cynthia, Cin_D, Savannah, Merrit and Ronna! Wow I honestly wasn't sure of this one. It's got some 'wobbly' places in it but Mark said he'd rather see things off than fixed and blended.

    Harrell this is from my hometown, Seattle. The pioneer square you are thinking of is it Portland, Oregon? I've never been to that one before. Now I'll have to visit it!

    Shirley you know how much I've been trying to paint looser! I've been such a whinner about it for so many years. Thought for sure I'd have to switch methods to do that. Before my mom passed away, she watched part of Mark's DVD. She said it wasn't the method (which she thought was great) it was my interpretation of it! Mom's are always right.

    She said paint it like he says too just paint the big spaces -no details and use lots and lots of paint. But I still think it needs some pinache? Maybe the next challenge will help with that!

    The writing at the top? With all that paint I knew I'd mess that up so I let it dry first. Then it was really easy to do. AND NO BLENDING!!! It was so easy!

  • tjs, beautiful painting ,lovely style =D>
  • Hi TJ - If you're in Seattle, we're almost neighbors. I live about 2 hours south of Portland in Oregon Duck country (Eugene). There is a Pioneer (Courthouse) Square in Portland as well. Seattle and Portland are both gorgeous cities! We're pretty fortunate to live in the northwest.

    You should be very proud of this painting - it's pleasing on so many levels...color, composition, style, has everything! Congratulations!

    Eager to see more of your work.

  • tjs; Fantastic, ^:)^ =D>
  • Thank you Marieb, Harrell and Billj for taking the time to post. Harrell the PNW, even though I complain about the rain it will always feel like home to me :)
  • I freaking love this painting! The quality of the light is gorgeous. Has a bit of the Ash Can school feel. More please :-)
  • tjstjs -
    edited June 2013
    Jdcr you just made my day, my week - heck my year!!! I have always loved the Ashcan artists but never considered even looking at this genre for inspiration.

    I'm doing a bunch of oil paintings for my sister in exchange for an antique of hers. When she sent me the photo she wanted painted although lovely it didn't have that "grit" to it that downtown Seattle has. So I tried to get a bit of that feeling as opposed to something just pretty looking. Plus I really love urban and industrial landscapes.

    I think I'm going to change my master to try to emulate for the next challenge!
  • Wow just discovered this one tjs! It is amazing. I love it!
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