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Demo - Using Draw Mix Paint Method - In Acrylics

edited November 2012 in Post Your Paintings
Hi All,
I'm sharing my how to DMP method in Acrylics. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Not a pro, this is just how I paint using this method. I'm hoping this helps.

First I setup my stay wet palette. I line the bottom with wet paper towels. Soak with water. Paper towel is overly damp.
Then I cut a piece of wax palette paper to size and place on top of the paper towels. Push down on palette paper to let the back get nice and wet. This keeps the paints wet and workable for weeks to a month. Also your paints are not bleeding into the paper towel.

The brand of paints I'm using is Liquitex. Other great brands to use are Golden, and W&N. Personally, it's up to you. These brands are fantastic for two reasons, I see where I'm going in a painting on the first layer, and the color shift is hardly or not noticeable when paint dries. Matte acrylics I find dry darker. So on the second layer you'll have to adjust color mixes if you use matte.

As I stated in another thread, these acrylics have wonderful open time, even better a with retarder medium. I like Golden's retarder. Why am I not using Golden's brand. I find that brand is too shiny, and slippery to paint with. You can fix the shine with matte medium.
Liquitex and W&N has a light sheen, and it's not slippery when painting. I have to work with a medium I can control. Golden is an excellent acrylic, but I can't control it for some reason. If anyone is using Golden's please feel free to give your wonderful views and comments. I know it will be helpful.

I'm working from life. I'm using the P. Divider I've purchased a while back to get the width and height of each item. The rest I've sketched in detail for shadow placement.

Next, mixing and matching color. I use another wax palette for mixing, and then transfer spot on mixes to wet palette. I keep a notebook handy and write down color mixes just in case I run out. I also paint a color swatch next to recipe. I used a palette knife for mixing. I brush mix for mostly adjusting value. You can do both.

Here's my setup and first process photo. Sorry if it's not a great shot. David need those photo lessons. :( -

Set Wet palette Mixes -

I'm in the ugly stage at the moment.image

I'm working on this project all this week. Have off from work. Yay. I'll be sharing my ups and down stages. All input and comments are welcome. Have a great week. Also color picture will vary from my camera to your monitor.


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