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Pyroll Ruby or Cadmium Red?

I watch Mr. Carder’s videos whenever I needed and I appreciate his knowledge and experience but there is something I really don’t understand. In some of his videos, red color that he uses as a primary red is so lighter than Pyroll Ruby. It appears as a bright, vivid Cadmium Red in the videos more than a dark valued and balanced primary red. Is it Pyroll Ruby or Cad Red?

And also I searched but couldn’t find any information. What are the transparency rates of each paints? I assume all of the colors are opaque or semi-opaque except Pyroll Ruby and French Ultramarine?


  • This is something that only the users of Geneva paints can tell. Pyroll Ruby is a direct replacement of Alizarin Crimson which is a lot darker than what we see in Mark's videos.
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    This is how Mark describes his limited palette red:

    The best red for a limited palette, with no purple or orange undertones, allowing the greatest range for color mixing. Pigment PR 264

    Here is Marks cadmium red description:


    A very bright Cadmium Red. Perfect for mixing strong, brilliant reds as well as intense oranges. Pigment PR108


  • When the original Red came out it was different. I don't know why the change. It was called corsetta Rosa I think.
  • Thank you all for your answers. What about transparency? Which colors are transparent and which are not?
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    Ezra said:
    When the original Red came out it was different. I don't know why the change. It was called corsetta Rosa I think.
    It was called Rosso Corsa and they changed it because the pigment discontinued a few years ago. They replace Rosso Corsa with Pyroll Ruby because pigment manifacturers are out of stock of pigment and they are not able to produce it any more. Mark Carder answered this question in one of his videos, as far as I remember he said he is happy to be forced to change essential palette’s red and he is more satisfied with the handling properties of new red pigment. So it’s even better now than it used to be, I guess.
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