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Palette question

I built a simple palette table yesterday out of some 1/2” plywood I had in my shop (building a tabouret and paintbrush holder today) and picked up a couple of tempered glass palettes from my local glass shop for under $20 US but I’m wondering if I should paint the bottom of the glass with foundation stain or a piece of cardboard/posterboard/other? 

I am anxious to get to painting; I’d like to be trying the Carder method this weekend. It has taken me a little while to get the easel and the minimum gear and paints. 



  • tyrohne

    I would choose an acrylic mid brown for the underside. Alcohol and lint free cloth to remove dust and fingerprints before painting. But any of the option you suggest are fine.

    Get some rubber or plastic matting for the floor. As fine as Geneva paint is, it will look terrible on that nice carpet.


  • Thank you, Denis. I hear you on the carpet! I actually have a shop that is getting cleared out so that I can paint in it. 
  • Tyrohne

    I would be torn between this work shop and an art studio. Beautiful space for either. Or are you planning on multi use?


  • It’s definitely multi use. I’ve moved my table saw and planer out of that space today to where my boat used to be.  I put it (the boat) in the water for the season and if the space works out this way I may sell the boat at the end of the summer. Fuel costs are already killing me. 
  • Tyrohne

    Great, You will have to find another place to store wet paintings. Sawdust doesn’t mix well.


  • You can't trust a vacuum system on the power tools either, I've tried that. My table saw was almost completely encapsulated and still produced fine dust that became airmobile. 
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