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WIP Landscape Challenge

I hesitated in showing my work in progress because honestly I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to rocks and water.  This is literally a learn as I go.  This is the hardest painting I have ever attempted.  I started on the right side rocks first. I was trying to decide whether to stop and start something else.   But then today I started on the left side and feel better. I still have work to do on the water.  Plus, if I have time, go back to the right side rocks.  I also tried a new surface.  I took mdf board and painted two coats of gesso.  Then I painted one coat of Gamblin Oil ground.  That stuff is like marshmallows from the jar. I did thin it down.  I waited seven days before painting on it but should have wait ten. The paint dries almost as soon as I touch the paint to it. I'm thinning with OMS.  I don't have much of Mark's paint left so I'm using other paint straight.  But it's still kind of neat to paint on.  Don't ask me to explain why.  I don't think I have the words.



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