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What is your day job?



  • @Freeman, Thank you for your service. Congrats on your retirement.
  • Thanks @BOB73. This is hard work, but I am greatly enjoying it.
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    And thank you for sharing your story, @greendl. I agree - we can only do what we can do at the time. Family and work are important. One good thing about getting older, though, is that you get more time for yourself.  Enjoy your painting. :)
  • After a long career in sales and marketing, I am just now a stay-at-home mom to two gifted but special needs children. My husband and I had a retail business for about 8 years but then the great recession came along. We stood strong but finally had to close 3 years ago. It left us in a very difficult financial situation. I also was primary caregiver for my Alzheimer's mother who passed away just over a year ago. My husband's father, also dementia, passed away shortly thereafter.

    I am an active member of my church and school and volunteer for many different activities. Being an older mom has been an adventure. My daughter is my greatest cheerleader and she loves to draw and paint. In fact, she a very creative crafter. During Christmas break she wanted to paint with me. I love sharing that with her.

    My husband is 110% supportive of my painting and doesn't complain if dishes are in the sink or laundry is tumbling off its mighty hill. How blessed am I?
  • Any extra blessings I get I'll pass them along to you @Renoir. I have some associations with your brand of family situations. It is really a blessing if your daughters can enjoy crafts and painting while you do your own. Good Luck and God Bless.
  • Registered Nurse. ER RN for 16 years, currently i am a critical care transport RN (CCT-RN) on an ambulance. 
  • Any one who can start an IV in the back of an ambulance moving 70 MPH has my admiration. 
  • Hi.i am Hussain, recently turned 17. Goes to school and paint in weekends or after school. 
  • I attended art school for four years after the Army 53-55, then worked in television and ad agency’s for over forty yrs. I lost all interest in art for nearly 20 yrs. now thanks to Mark I’ve started again...I have a long way to go...but I think it might work!
  • I'm 71 and retired - also have the condition of MS which is a bugger. Been messing about with painting for a few years - watercolour and acrylics but was getting nowhere although I did sell a couple of paintings. Found Mark's site and a light bulb went off - put all other painting stuff away and concentrated solely on his methods. loving what I'm producing and will put my first atempts up on here soon!!!! I think!! 
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    Public Servant. I manage a fantastic group of people who spec and design IT systems, so that people like @Roxy will have a place to run her ecosystem models, so that people can then apply the outputs of them to about 1/3rd of the country I live in.  :)

    Kind of wish I was still writing code, but I'm too old. :#
  • I am retired. Worked as painter, commercial fisherman(crab, salmon, herring and halibut), contractor, and lastly Engineering/Facilities at Kodiak Island Borough. I have always enjoyed making art. Two years ago I was blessed with a heart transplant. So I have lots of projects around the property to catch up on. Since discovering MC, I discovered that some of my color challenges may be mitigated by switching to oil paints. I set up a studio and a shadow box. I am on the finishing strokes of a very satisfying still life which includes cool stuff found on the beaches of Kodiak Island. Will post soon.

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