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Summer special: from the colder climes of The Alps and the Himalayas

Hello everyone,

These are two paintings of Matterhorn (again!! tell me when to stop  =) ) and Manali ( India) ...
Painting trees has been a learning experience every time... figuring out how to concentrate on which value, when I can see so many in even a little spot.... driving me to the point of frustration sometimes...

I've discovered that painting buildings is another thing that I'm quite bad at... how to get beautiful brushstrokes keeping in mind the geometry and the straight lines is beyond me at the moment.

So posting here are my two attempts to learn painting trees and buildings:
1) Matterhorn and the towering pines (9"x12", gesso board)
2) The farm edging the pine forest (11"x14", stretched cotton canvas)

PS. Roof has much more color in original painting. 




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