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CHALLENGE- Paint your local landscape

Hi all,
Forum members are invited to our next challenge:
oil painting of your local landscape, any size.
The time frame is one month.
As many entries as you would like to make.
Submissions Due by 5th June 2018.

Heres a link to Marks latest video on landscape painting to get the juices flowing



  • @Boudicca, how local is local ?? I live in an urban setting but, open countryside 5 mins away. 
  • Hi @marieb,

    When I suggested the idea I said this, so I think an urban setting or countryside is ok as long as you really like the view:

    "We did a still life just now, before that a portrait and before that a word theme one. So I guess landscapes is a good choice next. I would suggest we pick a location around where we live that we really like and paint that view, whether that is of buildings, trees, streets, the Australian outback or in the case of Bob - the wild west."
  • Urban landscapes are cool so I hope some folks paint some for this challenge. If I were still living in Sydney that's what I'd be painting. :)
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    Hi @marieb ;
    To my mind it would range from the view from your kitchen window to within your local area, certainly 5 minutes from your home would be your local area. For me, I have lived in the same area for most of my life ( minus a few years travelling around) and I would count the anywhere within my shire as local to me.
    I think different people may have different ideas about what feels local to them and I guess it is up to the individual as to what is local to them. For me it is more about a feeling of connection to an area as well. When I am driving around I have a certain feeling when I reach my home patch even though it may still be several miles from my house.

    As a side note, my Geneva paints arrived yesterday arvo so I’ll be popping the Geneva cherry on this challenge, whoop whoop!
  • Are we going to post our finished paintings here?
  • I say at least within an hour from our home.
  • @Boudicca thanks for the enlightenment, I was thinking maybe I will paint my South Italy.
  • BOB73 said:
    Are we going to post our finished paintings here?
    Yes.  We post our paintings here along with brief questions or comments.  If we each create a separate thread for our WIPs, there will be ample room to share our frustrations and growing pains about the paintings that we are going to submit to this landscape challenge.  Creating a WIP is not necessary, but I get a lot out of reading them and I hope more will create one.  Summer
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    Are the paintings to be done on sight, or from a photograph, or does it matter? 
  • Leo2015 said:
    Are the paintings to be done on sight, or from a photograph, or does it matter? 
    It doesn't matter.  I'm painting both from a photograph and plein air.
  • Where do i have to post the painting for this challenge? 
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