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Critiquing Paintings. Please read

Artists gain a lot of benefit from both critiquing the work of others and having their work critiqued.
If you would like your painting critiqued please include:
size, medium, support, and any additional information you think would assist forum members in critiquing your work for example - just beginning and would like some comments about how the values in the painting have been executed or; my intent was to create a feeling of calm.

Whether you are new here or an old hand your input into the work of others is of value.
 Respectful and honest critiques can be of great benefit and help us all improve our work.

If you wish to share your work without critique's then let members know that this is a share only post and your approach will be respected. All posts are welcomed!! It's great to see new artists post their first DMP. Seeing them grow and the work improving. It is equally wonderful to see work that our seasoned forum members create. 

Happy Painting!!


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  • SummerSummer -
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    Hello fellow members.  As I post paintings and sometimes just commentary, I invite critiques, and any light-hearted emotional reactions and humor from other members of any skill level.  Thank you.

    Here is a site that Denis recommended from another thread on this topic that I thought was interesting:  critique guidelines.

  • I am open to all types of feedback from anyone who cares to contribute and generally try to include all the basic information about a painting. I am especially interested in discussions of my compositions, perspective, depth and aesthetics.  I often ask the forum for very specific assistance regarding the treatment of technical aspects of the work.  I may not use all the advise I get but I appreciate every comment.  I am just an amateur with little experience and very specific goals.  I have made no secret of the fact that I started late and have specialized so that I can get good at one thing.  If I am ever satisfied I might branch out.  So far the forum has been one of the three legs on the stool.  The first being Mark, and the third being my own willingness to practice and fail sometimes.
  • I am open to all constructive critique. I have ample opportunity to improve as I am less than amateurish. It's important to remember where we were and how far we've come. It is nice to hear both sides of the critique: what's done well and what needs improvement. But we don't grow from platitudes and pablum. This is what I value most about this forum.
  • If I ever paint something I will be eager to hear from y'all. 
  • i'll take critiqics anytime plz

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  • @KevinGE , if you please, how then was your comment of "I call BS" any of the things you mention in the above comment?  "I call BS" is more nonsensical than "Fine". Critiquing art is an art in and of itself - In one of my classes, we critiqued each other's work - you stood in front of the class with your work and fellow students who wanted to add their perspective, were welcome to chime in and offer opinions.  It was mandatory to sandwich critiques with a positive statement - critique/offer suggestions and end with a positive statement - the other big no-no was to declare your opinion as fact "That work is sh.t"; "That is BS" etc...  It is best to keep your mouth shut if you want to declare a negative and not offer a helpful suggestion.  Does that make sense? 
  • A few years ago, I had done a painting where the background wasn't working. I knew it and it needed changing. I'll never forget this exchange since it helped me realize that even with a great painting, there's room for improvement. I had changed the background and there was some discussion on whether or not it was better than the original. A fellow artist, with many years of experience in painting, pushed me to be better, to not be afraid to change it, to scrape it and start over and keep pushing for excellence. 

    Critique is great. Wording it correctly and with some tact is nice too. :)
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    BOB73anweshaJuliannaopnwyderRenoir[Deleted User]
  • @KevinGE Each painter is free to ask for critique or not and to ask that it be thorough or gentle. To what end is an excoriating 'critique'? I would posit that it would be the 'critiquer' who would thus risk being the 'sanctimonious grandstander'.  
    Many of us are amateurs or have not engaged in our art for years. How would 'gotchya' technique be beneficial to them? The risk is that they would then cease engaging in their art altogether. I love this forum for that very reason. I have found that if a member chooses to comment, they usually focus on a specific aspect of the art and that is beneficial to all. 
    PaulB[Deleted User]tassieguymichalis
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    tassieguy[Deleted User]
  • I guess those who would welcome a "scathing critique" would be able to note that on their posts. I agree that I don't particularly want a Facebook type situation where counting likes and awesomes becomes the aim of the game however I think it is important to be encouraging of people, especially those who are learning the DMP method.
  • I think it is important to be encouraging of people, especially those who are learning the DMP method. Oh. You already said that. Nuff said!
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  • Please give feedback to any work I post. I usually can see weakness and mistakes, but I use the forum to get confirmation that problems need to be addressed and not just the artists curse effecting my judgement.
  • tgarney said:
    Please give feedback to any work I post. I usually can see weakness and mistakes, but I use the forum to get confirmation that problems need to be addressed and not just the artists curse effecting my judgement.
    That's a very good way to think about it.
  • Hello All! I learn a great deal from this forum and welcome feedback on my WIP posts.  I usually post what I know still needs to be addressed and typically invite additional observations and suggestions.  I am definitely at the early stage of my learning curve. I'm not particularly thin-skinned. And I may or may not agree with your opinion about what my painting still needs or doesn't need -- as it sometimes happens posts have varied regarding elements that are working or not working.  I welcome it all as food for thought.  Cheers!
  • Many an art book I have read tell you to show your paintings to family and friends,so you can get feedback on how good or not so good your paintings are, but!, to me this is bad advice, are family and close friends going to tell you the truth,I'm afraid not. When someone asks me to do a painting for them, they ask me for a price and I sincerely tell them to wait till you see the painting before we discuss a price and if you don't think I have captured the person or the scene in the photo then truthfully tell me because I can always use the canvas again, you are not doing me or you any favours to say you like it when you don't and then pay for it, I know someone who paid an other artist for a painting of Bob Dylan, paid for it, but wasn't happy with it  so there are people who would do this, I always get a surprised look when I make this statement and I repeat this in the finale viewing. That's why I for one like this forum for hopefully honest feedback,last week I posted a painting and got feedback on mistakes made which I took on board, I am not making any excuses but some photos of paintings posted have lost some quality, but overall the critique is spot on, keep up the good work......   
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  • KevinGE said:
    @michalis , that sounds like a challenge ;)
    LOL! For some people painting seems to be a real struggle! Too much drama...and I don't mean to offend no-one but painting is destined to make us relax and relieve our spirits from the stressful way of every day life, not to add extra anxiety. 

    For someone that earns his/her living from art (pro) I understand some kind of critique-pressure and stress but most of us here are amateurs who are trying to express and enjoy ourselves through painting :) No?
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  • KevinGE - I do not mean that someone have to paint for the shake of painting and without purpose. Personally I paint, trying to improve myself but I will never get depressed after a critique which I perceive to be bad or by a ''rude'' comment. Enjoying and expressing ourselves is shallow...??
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  • KevinGE said:
    @Michalis, yes, in a world of mass migration, war, poverty, nuclear proliferation etc...., enjoying and expressing ourselves is indeed shallow. How could you see it any other way? That's not saying it's bad and you can do as you like, but still.....

    Οκ, thinking from this point of view I cannot disagree with you...on the other hand even if we paint in a much deeper way we are still painting while in the very same moment other people dying for the reasons you mention above...

    And while we are discussing on this forum many people strive for survival. Should not we discuss?
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    I just want to bump this back to recent discussions in light of certain events and so many newcomers,  Flattys comments are highly appropriate.
  • A very good narrative, I for one would be open for a critique if you was to happen past my wine and cheese @Keith
    i believe I have had very good critique on my journey so far and have learnt a huge amount, this is evident in my historic efforts and posts within my threads, there is good solid help on this forum and all it takes is to listen and put into practice the offerings of the many that have and do contribute on a regular basis
    beginers such as myself (with DMP) need the mentoring, that is why I am here and after all beginners are the heart and soul of places like this, otherwise it would just be an online gallery of accomplished works.

  • @Keith ; I'm probably one of those who's work should be much more aggressively critiqued. I'm grateful though that I've received mostly encouragement for the improvements I have made. I think by its very nature, this forum is designed to be a place for serious amateurs and hopefully plenty of room for true professionals, or those whose talents are in the professional range. But this certainly isn't a forum for idle doodlers or crafters who just want accolades.

    You make some excellent points about the challenges of having a critique forum online: cell phone images that are subpar of both the subject and the painting. And what of photoshopping the original or the painting? Who knows what happens there.

    I would suggest though that this can be a place for both scholars and apprentices. @Alsart stated this best and I cannot think of a better example than him. He has followed DMP to the letter and he asked for critique and followed all suggestions. He was so open to feedback for improvement; improve he did and he continues to do so.

    If I can afford you a different perspective it would be this: many if not most forum members have full-time jobs, are parents or care-givers, have minimal resources for excellent equipment or even a proper studio. But what I've heard time and again is how painting has given most of us reprieve from the drudgery of life. It's our escape! and we love it. Painting utilizes a whole different part of the brain and fires neurons which have laid idle for years. 

    I know the personal lives of most of those on the forum may not seem relevant but think for a moment what we may be living with: after a long career I have recently chosen to be a stay at home mom to my two special needs children. My mother had Alzheimer's and recently passed away after years of illness. I was her caregiver. You can imagine how escaping into a world of color and light can be a balm for a ragged soul.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that DMP is the science of painting. This requires a great deal of patience, planning, and self-discipline. After joining in August and several attempts, I stopped posting because my life does not allow for this (imagine painting 15 minutes at a time and having a multitude of interruptions). My greatest deficit is in the science of painting, I am so bad at it. But I do not want to let the creative voice run fallow as it has been dormant for decades. 

    I would be very interested in hearing more from you about the psychology of painting. I think there would be others here who would value a discussion of this nature. 

    Honestly, those who are not serious about this pursuit shake out in the end. They tend to stop posting and make no comments on others' posts. Painting is not a pursuit for a truly casual hobbyist.

    Please do post your work. I think it could help those of us who do want to take this seriously. I don't yet have an eye for critique and part of developing that is to be able to pick out the minutia rather than just the obvious. And who knows, maybe we could provide insight you had not yet anticipated would be of benefit to you.


  • FlattyFlatty admin
    @kieth , I first want to thank you for your post. I am grateful for all experienced artist who choose to participate on the forum. This forum was created to teach new artist to see color mix that color and apply that color. DMP is intended to be a learning tool. One is encouraged at some point find their own style of painting. @alsart is right on the money! Lots of newbies including myself.
    we have high tolerance to ones interpretation of realism. We just have two rules. Only post realism and be kind to one another.

    i hope reconsider posting your works and experienced critiques are always welcomed
  • PaulBPaulB -
    edited January 9
    Keith said:

    The issue I have, concerns the many who give critiques, especially when their own level of ability or understanding, is no more advanced than the painter they are passing comment upon.

    This reminds me of a Steve Hofstetter joke:  I've never flown a helicopter.  Yet if I saw one in a tree, I could still say 'Dude ****ed up'.

    I have no art training, but I can spot a symmetry problem, blown out images, some edge problems, places where blending or not blending might have helped, jarring values and so on.  All things I learned here.  I feel I can still contribute.

    Keith said:

    Yet when I read the comments, they were full of praise.

    Different folks have different needs.  Sometimes limiting the critique is good.  Some just need encouragement.  Sometimes advice from someone just one step further up the learning curve is more palatable (sorry) or relatable than that of an expert.
  • What! Gone,...I just spent 20 mins replying to your comments on my wine and cheese and now you leave!! What's all that about @Keith
  • Ah, we've been played. Well I think we know who's the better one for it.

    Peace to all.

    @alsart I read your comment and really liked it. I haven't been on the forum very often so it was good to see your comment. 
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Let's face it. You will never know for sure who you are dealing with. You can be anybody or anything  you want. Even an expert!! We should take everything with a grain of salt. 
    We can only speculate. I think we should just move on. 
    I'm ever more grateful for all the Genuine folks of DMP!
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    A really smart one!! Lol
  • That's about the same for me @Summer. For me I learn more when I experiment and try new things with painting rather than from reading :)
    SummerRenoir[Deleted User]michalis
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    Don't forget that you also give a lot here that contributes to someone's education and progress in painting and enjoying it as well! Thank you @Summer! It's amazing how much we are alike and rejoice in that and sometimes it is good to see and experience who and what is different, somehow rejoice in that equally as well. For me in all honesty, I'm in smack in the middle between being strong minded, well educated in art such as our most 2 recent visitors stuck at the gap that exists between us (which is not easy and is uncomfortable indeed)) and everyone else as we do things here, I get along well in both schools and I am primarily self taught and it's alright to be like this, being careful not to step on anyone's toes/ cross any boundaries. Also been told by many teachers saying that you learn through painting, not so much from reading. Just about every painter I know have been saying "keep painting, no matter what, just keep painting!, don't stop."
  • Flatty said:

    We just have two rules. Only post realism and be kind to one another.
    It think that's it in a nutshell. Long may it be so. :)
  • Rtaeger said:
    Thought some of you would get a kick out of this sculpture.  Not sure where I found it on the Internet and not sure of the title, but it was something like "The Art Critic".   Keep smiling!

    that is astounding!! I was just looking at this same sculpture recently as I also sculpt...

  • @judith Looks like Garrison Keillor.

  • uh_clem said:
    @judith Looks like Garrison Keillor.

    I have no idea who Keiller is so  looked him up...I can see the resemblance in some of the images I found, good call! probably know already but just in case  the actual sculpture is really called  Art Critic done by Philippe Faraut who is a master sculptor...absolute Master...
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