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WIP Avocado -- First Layer -- NOW FINISHED??

Here's my current WIP. I've completed the first layer and will let it rest a couple of days before continuing with the second. It's another small one, 6" x 6" on Ampersand GessoBord. The first image is the .jpg I took and am working from. I couldn't work from life because the avocado changed color about every hour because of oxidation. The painting is below the photo. As usual I'd be grateful for all suggestions and critiques that I can consider when I do the second layer. Thanks.



  • Looks great! A couple of thoughts. The value on the indentation where the seed was on the half in the back looks like it should be darker. That will give you some sense of depth for the back half. The green in the reference photo looks more saturated that yours. It may be a hard color to mix, Im not sure. Last, a bit more range in values on the seed will really bring it out 3d. I wish I could paint like this!
  • @Freeman -- thanks so much for taking the time to give me your thoughts. They're all right on the mark as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again.
  • @BOB73 -- that was my workflow exactly for this painting  ;)
  • @ArtistMartin1, I like this, just a quick question if you don’t mind ?  This looks like it is almost finished, why did you not just continue painting? Why are you doing another pass? Do you prefer to paint this way ? Just curious.. Thanks 
  • @marieb, the reason I want to do another pass is that I feel that I really messed up on values as well as hue and chroma, which is easily noticeable when comparing it to the original photo. So I had to wait until it dried quite a bit before attempting the changes, otherwise, I'd make a muddy mess. 
  • ArtistMartin1 - May I ask, do you possess phtalo blue? The green on the edges of the avocados could be more "powerful". The phtalo blue is a tricky "bastard", but if you use it cautiously it maybe could work out fine. Meaning; if you use some small amount of phtalo blue in your mixing you will get more powerful green on the edges of the avocado.
  • @Filuren -- thanks for the suggestion. I do not have that blue. You're certainly correct about that color being "off." When I get back to it tomorrow, I'm going to try a new mixture using turquoise blue and see how that works. That was a suggestion by my teacher.
  • We're ready for tostitos now! excellent job. Did Cindy like it. 
  • @BOB73 -- thanks so much. I don't know. I'm waiting to hear back from her. That's why I have "??" after "finished" up in the title of this post. I'll let you know after I hear from her. Thanks again.
  • @BOB73 -- just heard back from her. This is what she said:
    "You have an hour left.

    This is looking good! I think you’re missing chroma opportunities - if you compare how much green there is - I think you introduced some turquoise? That plus the Winsor yellow should get you some nice vibrant green for the edge… 

    You’re starting to get that light creamy yellow in the center - you can push that some more.

    The hole from the seed doesn’t get as light as you have it on the left side - there is definitely a gradient like you’re doing but not so pronounced.

    The table looks SO much better - but you’re missing the perspective aspect - you put grain lines in - but they’re all falling straight down. In real life they’re going to converge towards the center.

    Notice the slight reflected light that separates the bottom of the avocado from the cast shadow…and that the cast shadow sits lower - so there’s an opportunity for a nice edge of dark against light on the left side of the front half - to show where the avocado sits in space."

    So, back to work I go  :)

  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited April 15
    Wow, she's tough! But what a great eye.
  • The seed is smaller and off-center.  This is marvellous.
  • @BOB73 -- yeah, she is tough. That's what I love about her. Her eye is amazing.
  • edited April 15
    @PaulB -- thank you! I also got a second note from her a couple of minutes ago that said: "Also try to make the pit round again…?"   :) 
  • She’s a wonderful teacher. This is just looking so good now@Artistmartin1. 
    Does she get to see the actual painting or just a photo of it ? 
    All her comments are so spot on and her instructions so clear. 
  • Congratulations!  I am getting hungry by looking at it!
  • @Hilary -- she eventually gets to see them all when she comes to my studio for my lesson. I really try hard to get a super good photo for her critiques by mail. She's an extraordinarily good teacher, for sure. I spent most of my adult life teaching -- don't know how good I was, but I do know an excellent teacher when I encounter one. 
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