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New Moderator.

Why has this post disappeared ? 


  • I didn't see it. What did it say?
  • @tassieguy.
    The post where Flatty resigned as moderator , everyone thanked him for his good work , Paul was nominated as his successor , a lot of people gave this the thumbs up , Paul graciously agreed to take it on , Flatty said he’d check with Mark and get back to us about it. 
    Then the whole post disappeared! 
    It was called ‘Passing on the Torch ‘.  
    Did you miss it ? 

  • Oh, ok,  thanks, Hilary. Yes, I did see that.  :)
  • Does anyone know what’s happening with this ? 
    It seems strange that that post was deleted. 

  • Thanks @Hilary for bringing this to our attention and articulating it so well.  The three major players in this mystery are good people and admired on this forum.  My guess is that more time is needed to think things through.  :)
  • I understand that time is needed to think things through and I understand that Mark is a very busy man etc. 
    What I don’t understand is why @Flatty’s post was deleted. 
    And I don’t understand the deafening silence surrounding all this. 
    But thank you @Summer for replying to my post.  :)
    I see we have a new visitor on the main thread ! 
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Good grief!!! No cover up and I'm not responding because there is nothing to respond to. It's my thread and I chose to delete it just like I have done for many other members who wanted their thread removed. 
    No douot I will be replaced however it's going to happen when it happens. Yes Mark is very busy and this is not a priority at the moment. I have no intention of leaving Mark high and dry. I told him I wasn't in a big hurry to make a change and to take what ever time he needs. And that's it. Hillary it's obvious you want me out but you stuck with me for the time being and we won't be pushed into any decisions by Anyone. 
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