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WIP - Cinque Terre



  • So beautiful! You must have engineering/architecture background? What a marvelous undertaking.
  • Thanks @alsart, @Wishiwaspainting.

    @Renoir thanks.  Physics and Computer Science.  The exact opposite of art.
  • Wow @PaulB - you are really chugging along now.  It is looking great.  Physics AND computer science - that is exactly like my husband - it is the exact opposite of right brain creative but good Lord, that man can glance at something I'm working on and spot immediately things I would never see.  

    You have the best of both worlds - left brain and you are genius enough to know when to let the right brain speak.  

  • You're a physics guy and you didn't know that robot vampire thingy would throw that panel at you? I'm surprised. You must have studied where they start off physics instruction with Newtonian Law. I knew that easel would dump on you because I went to a school where they start off by teaching you Murphy's Law.
  • edited February 2
    Looking fabulous, @PaulB . It's really coming together now. This will be a masterpiece!

    BTW, I think I know why your painting falls. You let the wave function collapse. Many worlds seems better to me  - in some it will fall, in others not but there's never any collapse of the wave.  :)
  • @PaulB, @tassieguy; Quantum Mechanics is theory; Murphy's Law is real. That's why they make paint brushes with long handles, clothes with oil release and shoes with steel toes.
  • Super progress Paul, it's great!
  • This is a masterpiece
  • What a treasure! In a culture of minimalist icons, to see this painting 'grow' is a joy; from b&w linear to color and depth. I cannot wait to watch your progress when you get into the nitty gritty detail. That's where the miracle will happen!
  • Superb, you mean you have detailed this far without the head gear, eyes woke be worn out, I wear my miners lamp almost all the time now, but I do use tiny brushes pretty much constantly 
  • Looks more and more awesome. A joy to watch. 
  • Aiming to cover the canvas by end of February, and spend March to June wearing a magnifier headset and breaking out the small brush
    I'm afraid to ask this, but how big is your small brush?
    It's looking great.
  • Your patience is amazing. It's looking great.
  • I love the water in the first photo!
  • Riggers seem more durable than normal sable round 00's. Both of mine that size died. Barely any hairs left
  • What an undertaking!

  • @BOB73 - thanks for showing photos of your brushes. I tried trimming a round, but the trimmed hairs curled up and it became useless. I wonder if I should have used a sharp razor or X-acto knife to get a cleaner cut.  
    I bought a 00 round and the brush just splays. Is it more of a light dragging motion you use with such a brush?
    I am contemplating adding individual strands of thread to my painting and I'm not sure how to achieve the effect.
  • @Renoir, your comment and questions should have been directed to @PaulB. It's his photo of the brushes. riggers or scriptliners are better choices unless you are doing what Paul is doing. He's putting tiny specks of paint here and there. His trimmed down OO round doesn't hold enough paint for NORMAL painting applications LOL.
  • @Renoir it’s definitely a pulling action on the smaller brushes.  The smallest one can only paint a line about two inches long.  For the finest lines, use turpentine to get a real thin paint and apply the stroke in one action.  There is no second stroke, you have to load up the brush again and make a new line.

    For individual thread examples, look at my Boats painting, because I added a few rigging lines with that tiny brush.

    i created the small brush using a sharp knife against my palette, taking off a few bristles at a time until it was small enough.

    Practice first.  You really need to know how the thin paint and brush will behave.  Or let your painting dry and be prepared to wipe off the thin line.
  • Thank you Paul, that is very helpful. I'll make sure to practice first.

    @BOB73 you know I always thought it was funny how my mom would go through all of our names before she got the right one. Now that I'm a mom, I do that a lot, and even include the pet names!  I'm going to put it down as a 'mom brain' lapse.
  • @Renoir, Dad brain lapse too. thank goodness I only have 2 daughters but I sometimes call them by my late wife's name too.
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