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Safflower Oil

Have you ever used safflower oil as a medium? It dries slower than linseed oil and is less yellowing. It is said to be especially useful for white /light colors. I was wondering if i could add it to all colors (straight from the tube) on my pallete (colors that Marks reccomands). I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. 


  • Datura

    Yes. No problems mixing Safflower with W&N paint. I found that a gummy deposit accumulated on brushes and containers, doing what it is supposed to do as a drying oil. Can be cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide cleaner.

    Walnut oil performs better without these problems. Also perfect as a brush dip / immersion bath when combined with 2% clove oil.


  • Dencal. thanks a lot, I will try out safflower as my slow drying medium.

  • Will hydrogen peroxide clean walnut oil (about) as easily as Safflower oil?  And is that simply hydrogen peroxide such as that used for cleaning skin wounds and cuts and scrapes, dencal?
  • anthonyleon

    I haven’t had any residue problems with walnut oil yet.   I expect that hp will work just as effectively.

    The active ingredient hp is a component of commercial surface cleaners and stain removers.

    Both of these products removes any paint residue, oily remnants or gummy buildup on the brush fibers.
    Worked through about fifty of my brushes with a small amount of product with a warm water rinse and towel dry. All are now soft pliable and so clean.


  • Dencal,you are so helpful with your knowledge :)

  • Thanks, [email protected]  This information will be useful.  I am looking for the least toxic solution for cleaning dirty brushes.
  • I have used Sennelier safflower oil when I was training as Mark's medium recipe was expensive to make here. But in future when you're painting goof paintings, I suggest you to go to linseed based media for durability.
  • Kaustav, thanks for your advice,I have read that linseed is the most stable oil but also quite yellowing. What do you mean by"goof paintings", if I may ask?
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