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Medium recipe

In your medium recipe you advocate using 10 parts odorless mineral spirits. Can regular turpintinebe used  instead of the mineral spirits?


  • Tony

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Yes. Regular turps will work just as well as OMS. Be aware they are both quite toxic and will irritate your eyes and lungs. The OMS is tolerable in the studio only if there is good cross flow ventilation to the outside. It pays also to manage paint and solvent containers with sealed lids. Minimise waste paper and rags. Use an oil or wet wipe for cleanup. Try a citrus solvent. Gamblin has a range of solvent free mediums , but these won’t give the long open time that Mark's recipe has. When I can get some of this I want to try the solvent free fluid with Venetian turpentine (larch resin) and clove oil.

    Animals and children will be quite sensitive to solvent fumes.

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