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Can I stain my Claessens#13 single oil primed linen without stretching it first ?

Hello fellow artists , I'm attempting to make my own plywood mounted glass palettes, and I have a couple of  questions . Firstly, can I stain my linen canvas without stretching it ? And lastly, can I use crazy glue to attach the linen to the plywood,or should I glue it on before I stain it ? Thank you for any information or help that you could pass on to me . That would be so cool . Bubba T.


  • Bubba T

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Yep, Stain before stretch, but the surface will be prone to plier scuffing later.

    Crazy glue (super glue) is a crazy expensive glue for a large surface area. A PVA glue is a better choice.

    You could save yourself the trouble and gesso the plywood for painting, seal all surfaces with a primer first to prevent bowing.

    Better still, a sheet of Dibond can be gessoed or painted just using the factory coil coating lightly sanded.


  • Yes, Sax Man. @dencal (Denis) advice is correct on all scores. Avoid the super-glue. There are a number of ways to attach linen to plywood. many don't involve stretching with pliers. there are numerous videos on YouTube that address this. The size of the plywood panel is an important factor. Another is temporary attachment to the plywood while painting. Masking tape is usually sufficient. Good Luck.
  • I don’t think you need to stretch it or glue it because the plywood back and sides along with the glass top will provide a pressure fit.  A few staples on the side or even some double stick tape will hold it long enough to complete the framing.  
    Be sure to post a pic of the finished product.  I am interested in the results 
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