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Is my stain color correct?

Hello! I would like an opinion about my stain color. Do you think it's adequate? The photo does not capture the colors at the correct intensity, I'd say it's a bit darker.

I get the impression that the stain color that Mark taught in his first video is somewhat reddish, but the color of Geneva foundation seems to be more neutral and dark.


  • Nei_P_J

    Perfect! But your lighting is not.


  • The light is insufficient in the picture but I have lamps that give me extra light, I did not use it because for some reason it was leaving the color too light in the photo. But yes, I need to buy a 5000k, although I find that this may not be as crucial so because in practice the paintings are exposed in the same standard fluorescent light we use at home.
  • I think the Geneva Foundation Stain on your canvas will work just fine.  You are probably like me and would like it to be more of a mid-value and not so dark--more like the recipe Mark had available three years ago.  I keep hoping a lighter version will be available soon from the Geneva store.
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