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Have you ever heard of George Caleb Bingham?

I just watched the most informative biography of an artist I've ever scene. Not just a biography it has lots of technical information about how this self-taught artist composed his paintings and it is a history lesson too. He's not the only artist that had a tough time or had to sacrifice to pursue his art but it is a life lesson worth learning.
@Forgiveness, you will especially like this story.
"The American Artist" is a biographical docu-drama about George Caleb Bingham. He was a successful artist, politician, and family man... but it all fell apart. His home, family, career, and life's work were all but lost as the American Civil War split his world in two. A century after his death, George Caleb Bingham's work was not only rediscovered, it is celebrated as a National Treasure.
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If you have Amazon Prime you can watch the movie for free. I think it's worth the Rental Fee even if you are not American.
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