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Shipping 5x7 for Holiday Swap question/help needed

I am going to ship @MikeDerby 's little cherub and don't know if I am really clever or really stupid.  After thinking of various ways, this is what I have come up with.  I don't see why it won't work???  Is there something I should be aware of?

I was able to get Gamvar (2 light coats) as it was touch dry - surprisingly given the thickness of the paint in some places.  I still don't trust anything to lay on top at all so I thought of taping it to the bottom of this little box...

Being careful of finger prints, I placed foil on top to press panel to bottom of box...
It should be secure - I doubt ALL of those pieces of tape are going to loosen up in the cross country journey

there is plenty of space above the painting when I close the box...   
I will then place the little box inside the bubble wrap/waterproof envelope...

Should I place foil on top of the painting in case the box collapses?  I don't have any baking paper and thought foil may be okay?  

Help, ideas appreciated.....   thank you


  • Julianna

    I reckon the mailer box should have enough structural strength without the foil. The foil is a risk factor.
    I don’t think the bubble wrap adds any advantage either.


  • SummerSummer -
    edited December 2018
    The mailing box looks good and sturdy.  Here is something you could build outside of the box and then set inside when it is done.  With the painting centered, I'd get some Styrofoam pieces to fit the inside perimeter of the box tightly from the top edge to the bottom edge all the way around, then, place very thin long nails into the sides of the Styrofoam spaced about 4" apart all the way around.  Then push the nails further into the Styrofoam until it reaches the panel.  Continue pushing the pins into the panel until the panel and the Styrofoam are one piece.  Then set the whole thing inside the box.  Nothing moves after that.   :)  
  • I just have to say it again, that painting is very beautiful! Real nice work!
  • Thank you @dencal ; @Summer @Forgiveness   nixed the foil...  we'll see how it fares.  It should arrive Monday so less days on a truck or plane.  Fingers crossed.  I ended up not tucking in the corners of the box because they were real close to possibly damaging the little canvas if anything should happen in transit.  
  • edited December 2018
    This is how my wife packs it. The foil seems to be good idea. We use somewhat slippery gift wrapping paper, thermocol and bubble wrap to wrap the painting.

  • wow @Kaustav   and you paint thick also so it must be nerve-racking!   is that Styrofoam bubble pad thing on top of the painting?????  do you have a barrier between the oil paint and that?
  • My experience with shipping has been paying my local UPS store or packaging store a fortune to ship framed large paintings to the East coast - mainly for family  - (I don't want to give the impression of being some fancy schmancy artist having shipping issues) :)   I have never felt comfortable shipping myself.
  • Julianna said:
    wow @Kaustav   and you paint thick also so it must be nerve-racking!   is that Styrofoam bubble pad thing on top of the painting?????  do you have a barrier between the oil paint and that?
    That's called a thermocol. Generally I send it with a frame. So raised corners of the frames actually protect the painting surface to be touched by any of that. Without frame If you place some small foam posts above the painting's four corners and then cover it tightly with a bubble wrap then I guess it will still hold. something like this.

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