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Art Lessons for 5 year Old

I have a friend of a friend who has a 5 year old daughter who is interested in having me give her art lessons. 1 hour a time. How does one go about charging. I'm not good at these things... I almost want to say just tip me what you are able. But it's also my time and energy. 20$ for 2 sessions a week? Or $10 for one session. 


  • Depends what country you are in, what socio-economic demographic area, your ability and knowledge as a teacher. We need a bit more info.
  • JoyLovePeace

    Suggest you model your fees on piano / music teachers, around $25 per half hour (in Australia).
    Could also include a materials fee for paint and canvas etc.

  • A 5y-o, ask for combat pay. $10 an hour is charity. $45 an hour is reasonable if you provide materials. for $10 an hour I wouldn't even watch MC videos with a child.
  • Hey @JoyLovePeace    You mentioned you were going to introduce yourself and I am missing that thread so I don't know your background etc.... Welcome to the forum BTW in case I missed it.

    A 5 year old is a precious soul so I just pray you are a teacher with expertise in knowing the age tendencies and maintaining their love of art.  That is priceless for the rare individuals who are able to teach it.  

    An hour sounds like a hell of a long time for a 5 year old to me but what do I know?
  • I have a background in psychology and I'm mainly learning and furthering my knowledge in therapy using multiple strategies. I've always had a passion for art and its therapeutic benefits. I have worked with children between the ages of 7 -14 for about 4 years (Adults also) in the art field. I do have younger children one with special  needs (who is very bright) but learns differently.  This all fascinates me. I have a knack and sense for discovering individual learning styles. I've been told I have the patience of a saint. I do not have a licence or degree to practice therapy but I can surely teach and be a role model or someone who can inspire. I am working towards my true purpose. I do need to complete school for a degree to practice  But I love what I currently do and love the path I am on. And one hour can fly by when you are enjoying  something.  I know for a 7 year old they only last about one hour and a half.
  • JoyLovePeace said " I have a knack and sense for discovering individual learning styles." That is wonderful and too much of a rarity with teachers and vocational therapists these days. Working with special needs, children or adults can be emotionally draining but just as rewarding. I hope this isn't silly or disregarded as a flippant remark when I say I worry that a formal education in this genre might try to dissuade you from your own teaching style and instincts. Last year or many month's ago we had a discussion about "Why don't they teach art in public schools anymore." Your post reminded me of that.
    There are a few good articles sprinkled in the thread and lots of insightful comments. It would have been better if we had the benefit of your input too. here it is:

  • Fascinating. Thank you for the discussion link. I went back and read. And I agree, that any formal teaching can dissuade from a person's natural way. You almost have to go in with an objective mindset when learning new techniques.  
  • And from my own personal experience; I fell through the cracks as a child in school with learning differences and giftedness. I see now with my own children that schools and programs have come a long way since my time in identifying and accommodating the students needs. It takes a lot of work from the parents too. The parents must be involved. We must advocate for our children. Give as much as we can until we cut them loose! 😊❤
  • Finger pinting!!!! LOVED doing that at that age... a little later, we had an art teacher who gave each of us a large sheet of newsprint, and a box with six jars in it: red, blue, yellow, black, white and water. Poster paints that the art teacher made up for us. I spent every free minute at that school in the art room!! Learned the basics of colour mixing, etc, which have stayed with me to this day.

    Have FUN!!!! Charge what the market will bare.
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