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How to prepare your ACM panels with Michael Klein

Thought those of you considering using aluminum panels might be interested in this short video on how this artist prepares his panels.



  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2018
    Looking forward to giving this a try as I already have those panels stacked in my studio.  Like the quick dry aspect of the lead-based ground.  But I will still prefer putting this Natural Pigment Rublev oil primer on canvas that has been glued to the aluminum panel first.  The exception to this would be putting Rustoleum auto primer directly on an ACM panel and drawing and painting directly on that surface.

  • Don't bend the half-cut panel back and forth like this, it creates a jagged edge.  Instead flip the panel over and snap it the other way.
  • I looked up that Edge Pro Gear paint book they're giving away. You can buy one for as little as $418 USD plus shipping or you can get the package deal with tripod and accessories for around $1000 after you throw in the shipping but guess what... you can't close the paint book while there's paint on the pallet! Also, you have to remove the glass from the book to clean it or risk damaging the rubber grommet. There is (to be fair) a two inch portion at the top of the palette to store paint blobs. But even that portion has only a 1/2 inch clearance above the glass. @Kaustav and @Forgiveness homemade pochade boxes are more practical. 
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