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  • Oops. Ignore the first one.
  • That's a lot of landscape just to paint a bus.

  • Where is that ?  I think u should pull a Van Gogh on it.  It will look awesome 
  • It's about 10 min south of Bethlehem.
  • You stated WIP, have you started painting it yet?  
  • Julianna said:
    You stated WIP, have you started painting it yet?  
    No. But I'm thinking of how I want to crop this. Will start it today. It's in progress because it's the germ of an idea.
  • it's a little too wide. I was thinking of cropping off the right side. that would leave out some mostly unimportant detail, but the fence post would be smak in the middle. that could easily be moved though. i could crop off the left, but i would miss that foreground half of a bush. That would be harder to move. I do want to keep the busses in the distance and the fence. any suggestions?
  • I could also invent some more sky and make it smaller. I'm using a 60 x 70 canvas (cm)
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited October 9
    I think you are wise to first plant a crop and let it germinate on the landscape before painting it. Some fig trees and "Wandering Jew" for ground cover would be nice.
  • I don't know what is growing there. Probably not much since it's the very end of the dry season. Dates maybe.
  • Ya would lose some on the right side as it’s not exciting plus u can push the fence post over to left. 
  • this subject is boring. not doing it.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Ezra said:
    this subject is boring. not doing it.
    I think that’s a healthy approach.  I have reached the same conclusion about many of my projects.  Sometimes it’s not easy.

    Although some of my paintings represent learning opportunities and practice, where the end result is not so important, I find that I am being more careful about composition and being selective now.  I am taking much more time thinking about and drawing before picking him up a brush.  This translates into fewer paintings abandoned.  I hope.
  • Ezra, Thanks for telling us. I agree with you and @PaulB both. You are both learning how to judge a scene or photo. Instead of "I like roses so I paint roses", you are looking for things like light directions, contrast and composition. Before, I wanted to paint pictures of my fire truck models and some real ones I've worked too (while they and me are still around). But from what I've learned here, they are not that interesting as subjects so now I am rethinking. I think these last few posts are important and it was generous of both of you too share. Now newbies and all will not feel out of it if they choose to "abandon" a project while they may be getting encouragement to "keep going".
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