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Harrington shore oil on canvas board 24x30cm


I had another go at a landscape this weekend - a typical gloomy overcast day on Harrington shore in Cumbria near where I was born. Took about 3 hours from start to finish. I think the foreground got a bit muddled but I'm reasonably happy with parts of it, and I learned a bit about painting overcast weather doing it. I think it looks best from about 3-5ft away, close up it looks like a bit of a mess! I think this is my third DMP technique painting, and my second landscape. I must admit I didn't premix the colours this time though. Thanks for looking :)



  • Good work. You've got the gloomy part right. But on a gloomy heavily overcast day  the distant ground would not so such a "bright" green but more of a grey/green. You said: "I must admit I didn't premix the colours this time though." This shows and accounts for the muddiness. It's still a good piece though; the sea, tidal pool and sky work in a harmony to tell the story. The pilings remind me of a scene from an old movie; The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) the ghost being a 19th century "Blood and Swash" Sea Captain. My wife cried through the last half. 
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    Hey @BOB73, thanks for the feedback. I agree the green is off, particularly the lighter green on the left hand side. In my defence I pulled a muscle in my upper back/neck the day before and was in quite a lot of pain painting this so I didn’t want to spend the extra time mixing :) I might wait for it to dry and fix that.

    By the way, the things on the right are actually wind power turbines. There are hundreds of them all over the area. Plenty of people have cried about that!
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited October 2018
    We all want clean power just not in my back yard. Interesting Harvard study recently about wind farms having a detrimental affect on climate change. Ya gotta laugh. BTW those wind turbines are so close together, they can't be more than 25-30% effective. 
  • love the mood of the painting...
  • Very nice, @gar3thjon3s. I love the greys and greens. I aso like the overall broad brush treatment - very painterly. 

    Good to see you guys over there embracing renewable energy.  :)
  • @anwesha thanks!
    @tassieguy cheers, I think I prefer the "painterly" kind of painting 
  • Me, too, @gar3thjon3s. But I'm not very good at it yet. I'll be aiming for it in my next one.  :)
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