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FINISHED- Landscape WIP – By Snug Creek - 42” X 36” – OOC

edited October 2018 in Post Your Paintings

Here’s some more Australiana.

This is still very much a work in progress. It’s quite large but I’ve been trying a new approach and have been able to get the canvas covered faster than with my usual method. This time, instead of working section by section and bringing each to completion before moving on to the next I’ve blocked the whole thing in broadly (for me) and will now go over the entire thing and refine. I’ll get the central trees and the foreground water into sharper focus and put in highlights whilst leaving the background somewhat indistinct but correct in terms of form and value.

To help with the block in I used a median blur on the source photo so I wouldn’t have to spend a week squinting.  (Thanks @Richard_P)   In the parts I want to bring into sharper focus I’ll use the source photo without the median blur. I know it looks very dark and gloomy in parts at this stage but I’m hoping this will change when I get more detail in – particularly beneath the main trees. I might make the background trees bluer and greyer for atmospheric perspective.

All comments and suggestions very welcome.


Thanks for looking.


Rob :)

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