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how do i clean my brush after staining my canvas

Hi, i have a question... How do you clean your brush after you stained your canvas with geneva foundation cavas stain? I just used baby wipes to clean it, what do you think?


  • Elsstrels

    There are several cults and religions in this Forum on the subject of cleaning brushes :/

    Baby wipes will only remove surface pigment. Left to dry, the deep down pigments will harden and the bristle flex will disappear.

    I would work out as much of the pigment as possible on newspaper. Then suspend the brush bristles entirely in a walnut oil and (2%) clove oil. Some time later, work the brush against the surface of a s/steel scourer in the oil. Remove, towel dry, reshape and store bristles up.

    I will heretically add that soap, water and solvents will gradually destroy brushes by making them mishapen, brittle and shaggy.


  • Wash it in soap and warm water.  I've been painting for 30-plus years.  This technique has never failed.  Over the years, I've used watercolor, acrylics and oil . . . mostly oil.  I rinse in OMS, wash in warm (not hot) soapy water, let dry on a paper towel with the handle slightly raised by resting on a bit of wood.
  • "mishapen, brittle and shaggy" that's what my wife said of my beard.
  • I love this question.  I use cheap brushes and throw them out afterwards.  I also stain many surfaces at one time so I'm not throwing brushes out all the time. 
  • That is actualy a good idea Summer! Thanks!
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