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Crafty Inventors With Genius Idea Needed

I purchased some oil primed linen panels (jerry's had an awesome sale) the sizes range from 18x24 - 24x30 = 

when I am working with smaller panels, I tape or putty them to foam core board so I can lift them, move them, I poke a hole in the foam core and hang on a nail on a wall to even take my photographs of my paintings - I don't take them off the foam core until after I varnish.  I never have to touch the wet panel that way and it is super easy to move around.

Here is my dilemma: the 18x24 and 24x30 are too heavy/big for foam core - I now realize the importance of cradled panels that size.

So, my hypothesis is that I could somehow, someway, come up with an approx. 4 inch somethingorother and nail? glue? it to each side edge - centered at mid measurement.

It cannot have these on the top and bottom margins because of the easel - if I have two on each side (vertical measurement) - that will suffice for me being able to handle the panel without touching the front and I can also hang it on a nail if I want to take a photo of the painting - after varnishing, I would need to remove them.

sorry, I don't know photoshop but was able to put some black marks on the area I am thinking would be needed if I was painting a 24x18  - it needs to be on the vertical measurement only ---because of my easel.

I don't think wood glue or nails are a good idea because of possible damage upon removal.

I'm sure I need to think outside the box and would appreciate any ideas - I do not want to pay someone to cradle the entire back for me so that is out of the question.  (they were expensive enough - even on sale) 

I wish they had some of those peel and press hooks but in a rectangle shape....   brainstorming

any suggestions appreciated - thank you


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    but I need something to grab - something to hold so I don't touch the panel edge /wet....    Once, I painted on just a panel - I had finger prints on edges because it is impossible to remove it from easel etc... without somehow touching wet paint     hmmm....  maybe I can get some like a 3 or 4 inch square piece of wood that has the depth of what a cradled back would have and grab/hold it there with these adhering it to the panel...
  • You use these to attach it to foam core so you have parts where you can lift.
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    so maybe foam core extending out like I do normally but only covering the middle section of the panel... if I poke a hole in the foam core,  I could still hang it on a nail to take photos - If I run a skinny rectangle foam core on the middle back section and extend, maybe it will be strong enough to hold the panel....  thankyou
  • I had a picture mounted with those things fall off the wall.  Maybe it was too heavy.  Maybe it wasn't properly attached.  Maybe those things aren't strong enough.
  • I've used them in the past on prints and paintings and never had that happen. What I like is that you can remove them without taking off any paint from the wall! :)
  • these panels are reasonable heavy - surprisingly.    
    I just wish I could make a "handle" of some kind that could also be flush against a wall like a cradle would be - that is why I need the same thing on the opposite side so that the panel will be exactly vertical on a nail on a wall
  • Ignoring the carrying handle, is the vertical requirement for photography?  Does your easel go vertical?
  • yes, but my favorite easel has my mahl stick on it and I switch out to other paintings often so this will be moved at least several times - I also have my photography set up with those lights etc... in another bedroom so I can't take a good photo in my "studio" bedroom.  what if I get some wood blocks - I don't know, 3 or 4inch square and use those 3m strips - even if I have to use 3 per block ??
  • What about poking 2 holes approximately 6 inches apart on the horizontal and insert a piece of string or a shoelace, tie a knot on each end, you may want to include tying a very small piece of stick in the knot for holding heavier loads and there is your handle in the extended part of your foamcore. You can easily hang it, using nailhooks on a wall. I got this idea from observing certain designs in paper handbags with string handles, if this makes sense.
  • Julianna 

    These spring clips are secure, inexpensive, reusable hardware and function as handles.


  • @Forgiveness ; that is very clever!!!   That might work as well!!  I would have never thought of that - I can use the string to remove from canvas, carry and also hang....   
    @dencal ; those look awesome but it won't help me hang it on a wall to take a photo and i'll still have the issue of wet paint getting messed up.  I need to somehow hang vertical - that is why I thought 2 blocks on either end to keep it all the same distance from the wall - also use it to grab and hang.

    Thank you everyone!!!  I will experiment this week.

  • @Richard_P that is giving me another option - I know how to hang paintings, I need something temporary so I don't touch the wet panel and can move it around and hang it on a wall - I am going to try 3m strips with wire or even shoestring (as @Forgiveness ) suggested and make a temporary hanging structure - I can hold it by the string, hang it by the string and remove it after it is varnished (if I like it enough to varnish it - that is really jumping the gun) :)    I know I can't use eye screws or anything really to penetrate the panel - that will risk damaging it altogether (because I am not handy with tools)….   so, I can use the 3m strips as "tape" for the string.  Painting will still be flush against the wall.
  • I think I see what you're getting at but don't understand how the foam core won't work as well for the larger panels. Perhaps cutting a rectangle out of the center of the foam core leaving  enough to attach the panel and extend past the panel enough on all sides for easy handling will work but all that does is reduce the weight by the amount of foam core weight cut out. 
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