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Apple Challenge w/ analogous palette WIP 21x13 oil on linen

edited September 2018 in Post Your Paintings
Yes, I've lost my mind.   I am having fun though!  I decided on a red analogous painting with green apples from my garden.

Blocking in big value shapes - keeping it very simple

This is as far as I was able to get today - I hope to get to the table, apples and dish tomorrow and then further refinement (without loosing the freshness).  What a challenge!!!!!!!!!!   I am learning a ton and it is fun.



  • That orange cloth is gorgeous, and it goes so well with the leaves.  This is a combination that Mark talks about - a color and it's dirty complement.  The red thing is great, and that vase just isn't even there.
  • Oh, the colours, @Julianna! Rich and sonorous. And I love the way you let brushwork and texture do the work of giving the impression of detail without the fussiness of painting every thread in a cloth. You approach imparts a wonderful painterly freshness and immediacy. :)
  • This is gorgeous Julianna 
    my mum wishes even MORE that I paint like you ha ha
  • This is @PaulB's? I would have guessed it was Julianna's. Nothing technical and lots of panache.
  • thank you @PaulB @tassieguy ; - let's see what happens today...  I am learning a ton with this analogous palette.  @Boudicca and my mother wishes I painted like you :)  Your trompe l'oeil especially!  @BOB73 yep, Paul did this. :)  However, this will come as a huge surprise but it actually took me 3 days to set up the objects in the setting - I was also a carpenter in that I cut a piece of my linen to be stretched on some of my golden mean size stretcher bars and I pinched my finger in the process of said carpentry work so I feel like this is very technical (for me).  I have to ignore the finger pain to be free and have fun while also trying to be very diligent and concentrate.  I hope to finish it today but I need to refresh on some of my lessons to keep focused (and keep it fresh).  You're always so supportive - thank you!!!

  • Ouch! Murphy strikes again. Next time immerse your finger in crushed Ice and water as soon as it happens for about 15 minutes. If there's any ice left, make yourself a cocktail. You will feel better. You will feel better too if you skip the immersion and have two cocktails. 
  • I was able to get some more done today.

    First thing I am going to do is go fix that edge on the dish... I may need to soften the back table edge as well....

    Input appreciated.  This has been a challenge but a massive learning experience.
  • Love the mark making! There is more pink in the background in the photo of your still life. If you added more of that it would emphasise the redness of the vase and table cloth.
  • This painting is really something!
  • The painting outshines the real life photo setup by far, far!
  • edited October 2018
    Yes, @Richard_P, you hit the nail on the head. I think making interesting marks sums up what @Julianna does so well. Her paintings are nothing like photographs. They delight us as pure painting. I wish I could free up enough to paint like that. 
  • tassieguy said:
    Yes, @Richard_P, you hit the nail on the head. I think making interesting marks sums up what @Julianna does so well. Her paintings are nothing like photographs. They delight us as pure painting. I wish I could free up enough to paint like that. 
    A six pack of Fosters?
  • edited October 2018
    No, not for this old bloke. I'm on a diet - no smokes (ten months now) no sugar or salt and no beer (only two scotch and sodas per week with prophylactic aspirin).  :/ On the bright side I can breath again and am four kilos lighter.  :)
  • Thank you @Richard_P @Kaustav @jeff @tassieguy ; - Richard, great point about the difference in hue, although the photo with both the ref and painting were taken with only the light on the set up - there was no light on my canvas so it is lighter than that photo appears - as you can see in the real photo of the painting but it still could use some adjusting.

    I love to look at my paintings in a mirror first thing in the morning - I have it hanging in a room and can see the painting from a large mirror - whatever sticks out to me first thing, is what I need to work on - the dish/bowl the apples are in need of some tweaking - the leaves are crap - the far right apple needs a little bit  of something - it looks weird.  I softened the edges that were bothering me last night so that is better.  Overall, when I looked at the painting, my first reaction was pleasure -  I am proud of myself - This was a huge learning experience.  Believe me, I have enough rubbish paintings that I take what I can get in this school of life.

    @tassieguy take it from me - if you want to ruin a painting fast, have a glass of wine.  I don't drink anything but water when I am painting.  Congratulations on your life change - I am so glad you are feeling better. ……  I think I will always miss smoking, I wish they made healthy cigarettes - like basil or clove or lavender - wouldn't that be lovely?  Taking a nice long drag on a beautifully, aromatic cigarette without people judging or scoffing.  

    Anyway, thank you for the encouragement, words of wisdom, advice.....   here is to me finishing and signing this puppy today without over-working it.
  • @Julianna. Just hearing that your first look braught pleasure, and you are proud of yourself as you should be, makes me feel proud to. We love what we do.  What a gift!
  • tassieguy said:
    no smokes (ten months now)
    Well done Rob, that's really great!! :)
  • edited October 2018
    This is the best that I can do - it pretty much matches my vision and I have learned a great deal.  

  • Yeah.  You're done.  Pick up your diploma, go be famous.
  • Well....   just when I thought I was done....  I had the honor of Dianne Mize choosing my painting for a critique - the lesson is on edges and their importance.

    Here is her critique:
    Julianna, in composition with this many things going on, softening and losing background edges can help give focus to the stars of the piece. I've taken a liberty here that I hope you will forgive me for taking--I've put your painting in my painting app and softened most of the edges in the negative space just to show you how doing so helps give a calmer focus to the positive images

    what a difference!  Gosh, I have so much to learn...
  • edited October 2018
    Oh, I wish I had a teacher like that who would take the time to give such feedback. You are very lucky, @Julianna.  I think she chose your painting for critique because it's so dsmnef good.   :)
  • Very Sargent like. Nice work the only suggestion I would have is to look at the left side of the bowl. The ellipse of the bowl rim doesn't correspond to the ellipse of the base.
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