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"Arrangement in progress"; advice requested

edited September 2018 in Post Your Paintings
Hello everyone,

I recently finished a painting of a subject i love and fear the most, "roses" . The picture i painted was again not the actual setup, but something in between as i was arranging the flowers to click photographs of a big bouquet. Something pretty about not being "prim and proper". The advice i needed was on whether to keep or not the blade on the table(can be seen under the shadow of the vase). I was using it to cut the stems in a diagonal, and to me it seemed apt to keep it in the painting as it went along with the theme of "work in progress" and also the cut stems strewn about on the table. But on second thought, i guess its not the usual tool that is used, (i used it as it was doing a better job than scissors), and  hence might seem out of place. I would really like to know what you think about it. Will the title support keeping it, or is it better to remove.

(P.S. The yellow roses are less yellow and more creamy than in photo)

Thank you in advance

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