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I believe this landscape called Dead Tree is done. Please comment on your thaughts if you would


  • Looks good, @jeff. Love that hillside. 

    For the next one try staining the canvas first and give yourself a lot of time. :)
  • I like it without the stained do we know when we are done anyway? I think I'll post that.
  • Jeff

    Nice landscape.
    I suggest if you are heading towards realism:

    The light direction at first appears flat. Looking closer it is inconsistent, sometimes top, or left or right.
    Way too many highlights. Highlights too bright. Dark tones a bit milky, often though this is glare.
    Branches against the sky need to be darker, almost black. Tree branches too sinosoidal and thick.
    Foreground embankment and vegetative cover needs some textural detail to take advantage of creating depth in the painting.

    The flat roofed concrete (?) bunkers or barracks are intriguing and dominant horizontal element, but not explained or depicted clearly. The focus is the dead tree as suggested by the title. I seem to remember your first mention of this as being some old sheds nearby.

    My overall impression is that you rushed this painting, or got bored with painting the forest of branches and stopped looking carefully. The tendency here is to revert to ideal mental images of nature.


  • Thankyou. That’s a big one lol. I’m actually heading away from realism, I do understand if I do that I won’t be posting on here anymore. But your right I did mention the chicken barns first.  But when I took pic I didn’t even know the 
    barns were in it until I started to paint. They are made of old wood. Old now lol. I actually spent 3 weeks on and off with this. I Thankyou for your educated critique, it’s expensive to have your paintings critiqued in CT. 
    Mom gonna read thru it when I get back later today. 
  • I’m gonna read over it later today I meant 
  • I think if you want to branch out to other genres you should first try to master the realism.  
  • I agree with that Bob. I would have realism in the faces and figures but the skies I’ve been playing with on my big one called The Dreamer.  I’ll post it once I get the figures where I want them.  Been a long time on that painting lol
    thanks again
  • @tassieguy. I Thankyou.  Coming from you is a big plus. 
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