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Emoticons not showing

Just thought I'd mention it.  :o


  • After clicking on one, it doesn't appear in the post.  Since yesterday. 
  • I may be the only one with this problem???  Okay.  I'll just live with it--haha.  :)
  • Awesome.  Like.  LOL.  Agree.  Insightful.  As far as I can tell.
  • Mine worked here tonight but not noontime on Richard's Blog. weird!
  • Thanks Paul and Bob.  I'll test again tomorrow.  Meanwhile I'm sending you all hearts!   (See?  The smiley face didn't work just now.  Hmm.)
  •  Summer, emoticons not showing up for me either
  • dencaldencal -
    edited September 26
  • Nice self-portrait. Perhaps overblended a tad?
  • Ok all but one of my tags have disappeared since last night but the counters still register the number of tags chosen.
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    I also experienced not being able to get onto this site altogether for approximately 20 minutes, just 2 days ago, real weird!. I wouldn't be too concerned about these occurrences much at all, even though these are happening more frequently and regularly. There are stranger things happening besides these with the computer technology these days. My understanding is that this is google and other providers updating the security system to provide us with better, more secure service. It affects everyone in business using a computer, and certainly has slowed things down a lot and a cause of disruption, just to give you an idea of how extensive the security system is being violated these days behind the scenes, by the minute every day. My hope is that some resolve will come and deliver a more efficient service once again soon. But until then, I believe this is the new norm, to expect weird and frustrating things to occur, just as we are now. Even though computer security is very complicated and rather extensive now, it is keeping us all safer in many more ways, so far, and this is the bottom line. BTW it certainly causes disruption and concern at the cash in any store that I make purchases from in person.
  • I also experienced not being able to get onto this site altogether for approximately 20 minutes, just 2 days ago, real weird!
    Not picking on you @Forgiveness, just using your comment as a jumping off point.

    The computers we use may not have up to date software with the latest patches, and fixes for exploits, so that can be a factor.  Communicating wirelessly to the router is subject to problems too, with radio interference and the competition of your neighbor's wireless channel selections.  Is your router also fully patched?  Ahahahah.  The router connects to the street usually over some wire that the wind jiggles, and the squirrels bounce and pee on.  Typically you'll share bandwidth with other residences on your street, so there are congestion issues there, meaning there are peak traffic times.  Many people will stream TV/video in the evenings, you're competing with that.

    Then it goes to your ISP, and at least in the US, we no longer have net neutrality laws, so who know how they are throttling traffic, but as a for-profit business, it's not hard to guess.  Then on to the fast and reliable backbone.

    On the other end, there are 5 servers waiting to respond, and they too have connections to an ISP, and are typically under much heavier load.  Are those machines fully patched and running optimally?  Ahahah.  Then on top of those, there is a load of software written by imperfect beings.

    From where I am, I see seven network switches between me and this forum.  That's atypically low.

    The pictures of paintings we look at get bigger every year.  More people and devices come online every day.  It's only through the miracle of fault-tolerance and redundancy that it works at all.

  • As a luddite, I've been trying to tell people the same thing for years:the more complex, the less reliable.
  • BOB73 said:
    As a luddite, I've been trying to tell people the same thing for years:the more complex, the less reliable.
    Agree @BOB73 .
  • I used to work in computer security if anyone had questions.
  • Update:  Occasionally they work but mostly they don't at this time.  Hmm.
  • Hi @Bobitaly.  I just tried a LOL in response to your smileys but it didn't appear.  :'(

    So here is my response to your smileys: LOL

  • edited October 19
    I'm glad they're showing once again!  ;)
  • I'm glad they're showing once again!  ;)
    Are they?  Thanks for the information.  I will begin using them again.  :)
  • i haven't been seeing them for a long time now... still can't after liking the previous post 
  • I'm starting to think people don't like me here anymore. I also know that when you click on an emoticon it changes the count so I know it registers. BTW, 10 minutes since @anwesha liked the previous  post I could see her emoticon and avatar so they are showing up after you leave that thread.
  • i see it now... couldn't see it immediately after..
  • For three years now I have always Refreshed the page I was on, on which I gave an emoticon, in order to see it and confirm its existence.  I did/do it as a matter of routine.  Only lately, nothing worked to get them to show up.  I believe they are back again.  Thanks everyone!
  • my emoticons have been weird also @Summer ; - for the past few weeks?  they used to be perfect - I'm wondering if we both have windows10 and a laptop?  Some people who have posted are not getting any likes but it is because we can't see it.  
  • @Julianna ; Do you think that it could just be Windows 10 causing all the problems?  I have that operating system.  I miss the portability of the laptop but I'm using a workstation at this time.  All is not lost because even though we can't see our click of the emoticon in the post, it is being registered on their profile page under Reactions.  I just click on their Reaction emoticon on their profile page before and after I select it in their post to see if it shows up.  The numbers will increase by one.   We will probably never know the actual cause.  It's been hush hush all this time.  Hmm. 
  • I mainly use an iPad, and they weren’t showing up on that so not operating system related. Seems all good now.
  • Everyone.  It does seem like the emoticons are back to normal.  Yay!!!
  • Yes they are working but You won't see it till you leave the thread and come back.
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