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Monochromatic Christ

This is the first time posting a painting here. There is some amazing work in this forum and I kind of feel gun shy posting. I'm trying to get a feel for oil painting as I have been work in acrylics for a while. I'm used to creating an underpainting and then coloring it with glazes. Oils are different and I'm trying to get used to them. After watching Mark's videos I decided to try oils out. This is a far cry from what's being posted but it's an honor to be viewed by a community such as this. I'm starting out with Burnt Umber, Black, and Titanium White. Any advice on how to get get better would be great. Thanks.



  • Welcome!  I'm so glad you are sharing your art - there are some amazing artist's here who are so very helpful - I have learned an enormous amount.  I love Jesus so I don't dare say anything other than Amen!
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