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i know, i know....

MY LORD! I was just perusing some realist painters on instagram and man if it doesn't make my work seem like Kindergarten compared to these artists. I mean WOW. Unbelievable. Though I may not be even a smidgen as photorealistic as these guys at least I have something to strive to! #goals and yeah I know, "the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday." I know. but... still c'mon! Check this guy out I found today. Dimitri Desiron. Ri-dic-u-lous talent! wow. He paints on a straight up white background... interesting.


  • I was looking at his paintings a couple weeks ago. They look like high dynamic range images to me. I'm surprised you're still impressed by photorealism... You could copy a high dr image like these if you spent a hundred or two hours on it :)
  • Shades of our own @mchewett. He was working on a train... well I could have sworn I could smell the diesel fumes.
  • This Dimitri has some good stuff.
  • The level of skill with the best photorealist artists is amazing. But they do have to spend hundreds of hours on their paintings (and they often seem very large canvases). I don't have that level of patience.
  • The the question of how much time these artists spends on paintings has come up before and some quotes say 150 - 200 hours, just does not gel with me,...Just do the math on a collection of 150 paintings at a given age.
    they are super though,...
  • Yeah, I can imagine the amount of time is ridiculous... but it's like... I've GOTTA try! Maybe if I could pull it off just once,  just to know I can, then I could go back to less photorealistic. Its definitely a goal. Not one I am convinced I could attain, but the chase is half the fun right? 
    But then again... I just don't know if I have the patience to get into the amount of detail they do... its GOTTA be so nit picky! Anyway, just wanted to share... his work is insane right?
  • @PaulB did it for his Leaf painting and I think he doesn't want to do that realistic again. I can understand doing it once though.

    Would it by chance.. be a horse subject? ;)
  • Richard_P said:
    @PaulB did it for his Leaf painting and I think he doesn't want to do that realistic again. I can understand doing it once though.

    I did a 12" x 16" painting at the highest level of detail I could do at the time.  It took a solid month, although I don't work quickly.  I like the end result, it was very rewarding and people say nice things about it.  It's in a gallery right now, and it won a small award.  I'm glad I did it once, to prove I could.

    But I will not be doing that again.  I may do others on a smaller scale, and at even finer detail levels too, but not that detailed, at that size.
  • Jessica the winner circle was so realistic many of us thought it was a photograph. That's not a very big step to hyper realism.
  • I think I'm like Paul. I just want to do it once to see that I can! haha In fact I think i will be painting a leaf as well! Im thinking the Gallery might like a nice simple fall leaf, and heck if they don't then it'll look great in my house! haha provided it comes out in a way where I am not "artist cursing" it every time I look at it. haha 
    Thanks @BOB73! Thats some good motivation! 
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