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storing oil palette

How do you store your oil palette between painting sessions? I only have one fridge and it has my food in it. And it's pretty small.


  • Snap caps or plastic icecube tray with a firm sealing cover. Icecube tray will hold a cotton ball with a drop or 2 of clove oil in one of the slots, this will further extend the life of the paint. I never store my oil paint in same refrigerator as food, keep in cool dark place. Further on snap caps, I store these little snap caps in a larger plastic container, in this container I add cotton ball with a drop of clove oil to further extend the life of the paint. In winter I store my wet pallet with a glass cover near a cold window.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @Forgiveness is right, especially if you don't paint often, or are not using SDM or Geneva paint.

    My palette stays out, at room temperature, which varies between 55F and 100F (13C and 38C).  The paint definitely dries quicker in the summer, but I do nothing to extend it's time on palette.  It's Geneva paint.  I paint almost every day.  The brushes are dipped in ... brush dip at the end of every session.  They don't dry either.

    In the first picture, the top row of six colors are from the paint tubes, and these have been there for weeks, and don't dry, probably because they are thick piles of paint, and they get replenished.  They probably get thicker, but I don't notice.  When the pile is depleted or it turns into a total mess, there is sometimes a ring of dried paint around the edge, and I wipe that off with isopropyl alcohol.

    The grey/orange mess below stays wet for only a couple of days, because it is a very thin layer.  This gets wiped off every day or two.

    I keep a container lid over the top of the paints, mainly to keep the airborne fluff off it.

    I use a palette knife to properly scratch my palette.
  • terrific, thank you! so many reasons, i'm learning, to skip the cheap paint, even as a beginner, and just get the geneva paint right away. 
  • I do the plastic cover over the palette too and put a book on top to press it down. It works amazingly well
  • It's good to add a little weight on top of the cover to keep it press down, keeps air out as much as possible, as @CJD suggests above. And as he said "it works amazingly well".
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