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paint finish for studio walls

I have a gallon of black paint I got for $5 on the return shelf that has a satin finish. I was thinking of using it for my studio walls (I want black walls), but I did a test swatch and it is a little shiny. Is that going to be a problem? How important is it for the paint to be matte?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited August 2018

    I don’t think the satin black will present many problems. Yes, there will be a few specular reflections bouncing around, visible as a soft sheen here and there. However, the purpose of black paint is to absorb light and eliminate glare. Glare is excessive light, sufficient to diminish the detail and color intensity of surrounding objects. The satin black is nowhere near that level of impact.

    Should you want to take some remedial measure, I suggest an experiment on your test piece.
    Brush surface using a pot scourer, with a light coat of acetone, wait fifteen minutes, lightly scour with sandpaper. This should matt the surface. Consider extending this effort to the walls if you think it worthwhile. Maximum ventilation and vapor masking and goggles and rubber gloves essential. Isolate children and animals from the area. This chemical is a fire hazard, remove ignition sources.

    When you consider all of this it might be worthwhile just buying a tin of flat black.


  • Thanks Denis! I think you've convinced me that the satin will be fine ;-) I'm on a super-tight budget, so I'm going to stick with the $5 gallon for now!
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