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new Geneva paint

I bought the original Geneva paints in jars. How do the current paints compare?


  • Ezra

    Version one of the tubes became available in Australia only recently. Version two of the tubes are produced with double the amount of pigment, so coverage will be excellent. I believe there has been some adjustments to consistency since the jar version.


  • I think they will be very different. I've gotten the impression the quality and consistency has been improving over time. Although who knows with Mark still experimenting and putting out new versions there might still be some quality control issues. I'd say if you need paint then go for Geneva.. It might be the best paint out there if you're not looking for impasto.

    Someone recently commented the jar stuff was too watery and the newer paint is much better in that regard
  • The new tubed paints are fantastic.  Better than the jars.
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