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Sprays to seal inkjet prints for colour matching?

Has anyone here tried some of the sprays for sealing inkjet printing so you can colour match on them? I have laminated in the past but like the idea of a spray.

I'm worried that with repeated paint and wiping any sealant might degrade? Has anyone any experience with this?


  • I read somewhere on here about someone putting saran wrap on their photo and it worked well.
  • Two light applications of Krylon Clear Gloss Acrylic works fine. Keep the prints laying flat until both coats are dry. Put down polyethylene sheets or trash bags so the prints don't stick to the work table or floor. They may stick a little to the plastic sheeting but will peel away easily and cleanly. Prevents ripping if stuck to bare table. Some folks even use hair spray but I haven't tried that. Besides I'm bald.
  • I put mine in a plastic page protector.
  • Thanks for that Bob.. how well does it hold up when wiping off paint? :)
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited August 2018
    ordinary paper towels or tissue instead of sandpaper will be no problem. If the colors are problematic and need extra trial and error, a third coat of acrylic may be necessary to prevent getting dull spots. We have Krylon but any good brand will do. My experience with cheap brands is the coating is just as good but the cheaper ones have nozzles prone to spitting instead of spraying.
  • Thank you! That's really useful :)
  • Since you can prepare a paper ground for oil paint with shellac sealer, I wonder if printing on watercolor paper then sealing would work when you want to paint over the image?  The alcohol-base might affect the inkjet ink.  Maybe acrylic fixtitive first then the shellac, or an oil-based clear primer-sealer?
  • dencaldencal -
    edited June 1

    Bought a can of Krylon, but not used it, except for a quick test on ink jet photos. Works ok.

    Preserve Your Memories II has a good reputation. This video demonstrates effective water, sharpie and alcohol resistance.

    late news: looks like PYM went out of production in March 2018. Not available in UK anyway.

    Probably a marine grade estapol would work well. Get a spray pack.


  • Who'd have time to go to all this trouble? Why not just use a scrap of clear plastic over the photo. When it gets covered in paint just toss it and get a new bit. No cleaning required.
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