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Glass palette tinted green

I had two glass palettes made today. Unfortunately they have a greenish tint.  Does anyone know if it would be possible to paint over the top of the glass with Winsor & Newton Oils in the same color that Mark teaches, and then paint a coat of Clear Estappol over the top of it?  I have no idea if I can use oil colors over the top of a heavy varnish like this successfully, or if it will just cause problems.  I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me.  Kind regards  Dianna in Oz


  • Dianna

    The surface of a glass palette takes a beating over the years. Best not to apply any fragile coatings.

    I suggest if you don’t want to replace them with clear glass, paint the underside with the toning value.
    Any slight green tinge will not affect your perception of colour value on the surface.

    I hope the glazier ground the edges and rounded the corners for you.

  • Yes, Dianna. What Denis said. Paint the underneath the same colour you tone your canvases. Maybe add a bit more red to counteract the green tinge. No need to replace them. :)
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