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Stuff that I Brought Back from Hometown

edited August 2018 in Studio & Supplies
From my recent trip to Calcutta I brought back a lot of things.

Canvases and Brushes:
We have our own local vendor Kumars & Sons, who makes canvases and brushes. These survived for more than 20 years without any hassle. You saw some of the samples of my earliest works. All were done on their canvases. These are made here in India and not China made. Their texture is uneven like linen.

Thier brushes are amazingly cheap but survive a longer period of time. I bought one in 2014 and is still in usable condition! These are extremely soft which helps me to achieve the Sargent effect that I am aiming at. 

My new thumb box that my dad ordered for me. A local maker made it. He had no prior experience of making artists products. Made out of teak wood. Very hard and slightly heavy. Linseed oil coating. Holds three 4mm 5X7 panels. I am going to attach a latch and two D rings for a strap. It will last a lifetime!

And 15 year old oil paints are still alive.



  • such a precious gift!
  • edited August 2018
    Such a beautifully made box! Made especially for your ambitions. Certainly good for a lifetime.
  • Ahhh  @Kaustav , talk about a treasure box - that gift is a treasure - truly amazing.  Thank you for sharing.  It actually made me a little emotional for some reason, I imagined your father going to a man out of love for you and they both created something full of love that will be treasured and used by you for a lifetime.  So incredibly thoughtful and sweet.  If there is anything about energy and juju or whatever you want to call it, you will have a great presence with you at the start of each painting.
  • Ohhh, that box is beautiful. Real craftmanship there. :)
  • Teak is beautiful and likes to be oiled every so often. I think you will get used to the weight. That is a loving gift from your father and I think you will one day pass it on to your son. BTW if my paint brushes were the color of yours I would have to paint them another color LOL.
  • Thanks everyone! The box is really an excellent one made by the maker. My dad directed him on how to make it. Teak will last a long time. We have some teak furniture of my grandfather that are almost 100 years old and they are still the same.
    My boy is already very happy seeing this box. Couldn't keep it away from him yesterday! He shows a keen interest in my painting tools including the easel, brushes and other boxes that I have! 
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