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Very interesting video from East Oaks Studios
I've only watched Critique 2 so far.  Very informative.  I think you might also find this interesting.  Michael Kline has some amazing color mixing skills.  I've never seen someone critique a painting by painting on it.


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    I've purchased most of their instructional videos.  They are all fantastic.  The triple bundle is a great deal - in the triple bundle, you get easy download of peony, seascape and portrait - hours and hours of instruction.  I watched and tried to paint his peony painting about 5 times - I think I have it memorized (the dialogue, not his painting skills).  I am just now finishing up the "painting glass", that artist (Carlo Russo) is hyper detail and I rather prefer expressive, creative flair.  I am looking forward to the Jeffrey T. Larson that will be coming out soon.  East Oaks Studio founders are so generous - tons of free stuff out there for anyone not able to purchase.  Again, if you can, I highly recommend the triple bundle - it is a great deal and has something for everyone.

    You can send in a high resolution image of a painting if you would like for him to consider it for critique. [email protected]    I have never liked anyone to paint on my paintings but gosh, I would be honored if  he would paint on one of mine - I'd ship it in a nanosecond.  
  • Yes, I did see that bundle. I have so many videos I need to be really careful not to buy everything I like. If I win the lottery then I'll rethink it :3.  I'd like to get the Carlo Russo video of the glass. I do actually like the hyper detail. Please show us your finished Glass!
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    I think the Russo one is on sale - it is real time - 3 days.  His sight size measuring methods are really insightful.  I'm not painting along with him.  He is methodical - like an engineer.  Very interesting.  They are all about painting from life so I may paint one of my vintage glasses and try to paint it sight size - his measuring system is fascinating. 
  • I'm not familiar with those particular videos @Julianna but as an instructor who trained via video, after you've heard the words sometimes you can learn more by just turning off the sound and follow along visually. (no I was not an art instructor) 
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    I watched this one yesterday with my morning coffee. His colour mixing hand reminds me of Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek Next Gen. Inhuman speed.

    Some nice points made too. It was better than the first critique video. I'd like to see a Jeffrey Larson instructional vid.. I really like his art. East oaks did a vid where they showed one of his pieces.. A really cool painting.

    I also find it odd how few people watch their videos. Makes me wonder why they bother doing them... When it was live yesterday there wasn't anyone watching
  • @CJD   I think they are just getting started with the livestreaming and intentionally working out some glitches.  Did you happen to see the livestream of Michael's portrait - it broke my heart to see him painting away and kept asking , "any questions" and no one was online watching them.  The good thing is that hundreds come afterwards.  I hope they keep doing it.

    I know that for the last livestream, Michael sent an email about 24 hours before - I wasn't able to watch it live.  Maybe if they have a set time every week and fans can be prepared (like 11:00 am EST every Thursday)?  

    LIke Mark Carder, EastOaksStudio is so generous with their free content - I truly hope they continue to share so much.  Especially for so many people in remote areas who would never have access to that kind of mentorship/instruction.  I am blown away by the generosity of so many successful artists.
  • I enjoy East Oaks as well. Their appreciation and promotion of realist painting is very encouraging. Michael Klein’s colour mixing mind boggling.
  • Great video, first time being exposed to this artist or East Oaks studio.  Thanks
  • I mentioned how I would like to paint glass like Carlo Russo.  Well, last weekend I found this 1950ish Italian vase at the flea market.  It has that amber color I like and it's really funky.  Not for everyone but I think it's cool and I think I will attempt to paint it one day soon.   I also have a piece of Baltic amber I may incorporate with the vase. I need to clean up those water/mineral deposits. This isn't the photo I would use but just wanted to show you.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    That’s a great thing to paint.  I would want to set up a high contrast light/shadow scene, I would really want those blue and orange highlights to be more prominent, and get some nice darks in there.
  • Great subject, @Ronna. I hope you do it close up so it fills the canvas and emphasizes the abstract elements. We don't have to know what it is. It just has to look real. :)
  • I tried taking the picture in my shadow box with the light from the left.  I got weird shadows behind the vase which I didn't like.  I took this one by my north window with just the window light which placed the shadow on the table.  I like that better.  Photography is so hard   :/ Ugh
  • @Ronna that is so cool!!!  It is so much like the one he painted.  Did you get the video?

    Why are struggling with a photo - just paint it from life.  So much easier.  Especially when you don't have perishables in a set up.

    That is going to be beautiful!
  • @Julianna, three days I clicked on his video nothing happened. So I decided to forget the video and just see how it goes.  You're right, it would be easier to paint from life.  But I can't see the detail like I use to.  I tape the photo to a board and place it on my lap.  It's less stressful for me that way. 
    @PaulB, @tassieguy, I will do my best.
  • @Ronna, I think Paul is right and you may get better highlights if lighted from a side. If it creates unwanted shadows and light in the background you might just let the bg distance out. It's a beautiful jar for a set up. Rich warm tones and cool blues.
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    @Ronna   Carlo even uses a bird watcher magnifier while he paints!!!  I don't know what it is called exactly, but the thing that bird watchers have to see birds in trees- like binoculars - he uses that to look at his still life!  So cool and interesting.  One thing about all of those East Oak artists, they paint from life - and aren't so strict about a shadow box etc....  It keeps it less difficult - even David Leffel and Richard Schmid will just have a still life object (s) on a table and paint it - simple and beautiful.  The one thing they have in common is one simple light source and they take their time to arrange the composition.  

    I can't wait to see this vase - that is so awesome that you were able to find one - apparently they are stunning in person - all done by hand - amazing.  Your painting a piece of art.  I love the colors in yours..
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