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Help me choose paintings for an upcoming art show

edited August 12 in General Discussion
Hey all, 

In less than a month I will be submitting 3 paintings for a juried art show. I have a bunch of finished paintings now and need to choose 3 to submit. Ideally 3 that will be juried in :)

I was wondering if you could check out my paintings... They're all easily viewed on the front page of my website... And let me know which 3 you think would be good picks :) I'm interested to know what you think

I have a few weeks to varnish them and get them framed and ready. Thanks!


  • Fantastic idea. Me I would choose the Dancer, the Three Daughters and Bowdon Lake. Any chance of more submissions. All but the outlet are worthy. Is there a theme? Best of luck.
  • Dancer, Poinsettia, Comedy of Flowers.  All superb, and not the only ones, either.
  • @BOB73 all are worthy but outlet.. That one is my dad's favourite :p
  • Dallas Road, Sunny Side, Poinsettia
  • when i was applying for art fairs and had to give 3 works for the jury, i decided to go for the three categories: one landscape, one still life and one portrait... the best i had in each category..  the other route would have been 3 of the same category. have you decided on anything in these lines? Is it an art fair kind of art show or a show in a gallery? 
    my favourite's among you work would be the monochromes, the poinsettia (top among fav), sunny side, comedy of flowers (second fav), praise the sun (another second fav) and ancient tree. 
  • CJDCJD -
    edited August 12
    @anwesha thanks it's an annual local art show apparently one of the biggest in the province. My guess is there will be a variety of styles and genres... I'm not sure what they're looking for really I just assume the jurors choose the pieces they like best. I think there are 3 jurors and if your painting gets 2 out of 3 votes it will make it in. At least 300 paintings are submitted i have no idea how many make it in.

    I might do a landscape and a couple botanicals or the other way around... It's really a tough decision to make :p although who knows if it matters.. I don't know what the jurors are into. All paintings in the show must be for sale too so that's a factor.... I don't know if my florals or landscapes would be more likely to sell. Landscapes are much bigger and would be priced much higher

    I also didn't know people liked that poinsettia painting that much haha that is interesting... 
  • Oh there's also this painting too although for some reason this one seems to confuse people as if they don't know what they're looking at. And of course my current seascape project if it turns out well

  • I'd submit the outlet because of its historical significance to your place in time.  I think "they" will get that.  :)
  • My favorite by far is the latest one with the lights and shadows - I think it is stunning.  The only thing that is confusing to me about it is the square object that seems to have a line going straight down and intersects the exact edge of the other sphere more forward - I wish that line weren't so hard on the side of the square and down through the shadow - it breaks up the nice flow of lights, shadows - that abrupt line just interferes.   Then, sunnyside and poinsettia are my other favorites.  Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  • I couldn't choose between the top five. I think Bowron Lakes, Comedy of Flowers, Dancer, Sunny Side and your latest still life are your best (not necessarily in that order).So I would select three from those five. Best of luck to you in the competition, @CJD.
  • Thanks all for the input :)

    I'm surprised by the ones you picked as your favourites - they don't match up with mine at all! 

    Found some pics of art from the show from previous years and it's mostly realism and mostly really good - some pieces are amazing super high level. Might be more competitive than I thought!
  • Also I'm really glad you guys like that recent still life with the shadows @tassieguy and @Julianna I like it too and you've motivated me to do more in that style :D
  • Bowron Lakes, Comedy of Flowers and Daffodil would be my votes. But really, any of the other suggestions above would be equally good. Good luck!
  • Outlet, Dancer, Still Life in White
    Good Luck!
  • edited August 13
    Dancer, Praise The Sun and Sunnyside, Comedy Of Flowers is another good choice. These pieces struck me the most within my 1st 10-30 seconds of looking at them if this helps. If there is such very high end pieces, then go for it, trust yourself, your work needs to be noticed and viewed in line with the others in this competition. All the best! Looking forward.
  • Thanks all who commented - I think I know which paintings I'm going to go for. Hopefully I will be able to post some pics of all 3 of them framed and in the show :P
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