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Hi from the Netherlands

Hi, I am Bart Van Zweeden, age 59. Nationality: Dutch and living close to The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam.
I've been painting foor over more than 43 years since my 17th. Mostly using oilpaint of a good quality. Main subjects are landscapes, cityscapes, mountains (sometimes, although we don't have them in Holland), abstract and so on.
I managed to see the majorty of all the video's on the site of Mark. Great stuff and I allready found a lot of usefull tip's, tricks and advices. 
Specialy the discussions about someone's painting are a great contribution to understand what mistakes we probalbly all make. (At least a lot of amateur's as I am as well).

Like to share with the forum and I hope tha people will reflect on my work. 
Excuses for mistypes and misspells in my language. Im Dutch afterall.
My work can be seen from: 
 Thanks so far!




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