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Hi all, Iam sujanith, beginer in oil painting....I watch and follow Mark carder religiously these days. 

I have an open request to make. please let me have ART SYLLABUS for oil painting. I mean  I just want to know what are the basics I need to focus on get good at oil paintings. For example, pencil drawing, colour mixing, values and tones, brush work, mediums, portraits, landscapes, finding my own style. So I want just even titles with ART syllabus. please that I could just have an idea where could i start and plan my journey as a student. please suggest


  • Welcome Sujanith :)

    For me, I would say:

    ART SYLLABUS - find a post in this forum where someone has posted a finished painting and a source photo. Now look closely at every part of both pictures and make a list of all the differences. Developing your 'eye' in seeing is really important.
  • Hello sujanith

    Welcome to you.

    The best place to start is a figure/life drawing group. Get some newsprint and a small set of sketching pastel crayons or willow charcoal.

    This is is an enjoyable way to learn line, shape, edge, tone, value, perspective, proportion, foreshortening, anatomy, posing, composition, action, gesture, measurement, shading, negative shapes, subtractive drawing, tonal drawing, sight sizing, lighting, photography .... etc.

    All of these skills and techniques are foundational for painting. Sketch in a book daily if you can.


  • Welcome to the forum, ART SYLLABUS: There are a number of artists in the forum who have spent years and fortunes in formal training to become an artist but say they never really learned how to paint until they started using Mark Carder's Method of DMP. That would be my recommendation but would add that a life-drawing class can be invaluable. A photography class that focuses on composition might also be worthwhile as they make clear the importance of shadow and light.
  • Hi @Sujanith, click on the videos and tutorials tab at the top of this page
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